Christmas is a time of the year when you spend time with your family, laugh, and open presents. But what if it is ruined over the choice of food? How would you react?

A user asked the forum, Am I wrong for leaving my inlaw’s Christmas dinner after I found out they didn’t make accommodations for me?


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The Original Poster (OP), a picky eater, got invited to her fiance’s Christmas dinner. It was OP’s first Christmas with them. She admits that he is a picky eater and can’t help it. It has to do with psychological factors, childhood, and personal likes and dislikes. 

She Let The Future Mother-in-Law Know

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Now, before accepting their invitation, she let the future mother-in-law (FMIL) know that she could not eat the traditional food at the celebration and showed FMIL a variety of dishes to choose from to accommodate her. 

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Bring Your Own Dish

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FMIL refused and told the OP to bring her own dish. OP told her if she had to get her own dish when she was a guest, she better stay at home then. FMIL and OP went back and forth, and OP insisted she wouldn’t come if accommodations weren’t being made. 

What Does OP Say

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OP says, “I just thought it was a simple request, and FMIL could’ve agreed if she really wanted me there.” OP’s fiance agreed that she should bring her own dish, but she didn’t. 

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What Happened On The Day Of Dinner?

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When OP and her fiance arrived, OP noticed that no accommodation was made for her. She got up, got her things, walked out, and went home. 

What Happened Next

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OP’s FMIL and fiance were shocked. OP got many calls and texts, and her fiance came home lashing out at her. He called OP selfish and spoiled to walk out like that over a dish his mom didn’t have to make for her. OP’s fiance said it was OP’s responsibility to feed herself. 

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What Does OP Say

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OP asks, “How is it my responsibility to feed myself when I’m a guest? Makes no sense to me.” OP told this to her fiance, and he accused her of starting a fight, ruining Christmas with family, and disrespecting his mom. 

Now OP’s fiance is continuously saying she messed up and should’ve just be nice for the family’s sake. “Am I wrong?”

You Are A Jerk

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“You are a jerk, from one picky eater to another. I went to a Christmas dinner with my mom’s family. There was nothing I wanted, so I just socialized and ate when I got home. Why should she have to make a whole new dish just for you? That is pretty entitled behavior.”

There Was A Reasonable Compromise

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“And a reasonable compromise was also made. “Bring your own dish if you don’t want what will be available.”

Entitled, Much?

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“You DEMANDED some food was made to your liking, and when people told you “no”, instead of cooking food for yourself… you caused a scene ?!

Yeah, you are a jerk. If you have things you don’t like to eat, it’s YOUR problem. You are not a child anymore. Start acting like an adult.”

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