Sisters are undoubtedly integral to our lives and essential in our most significant moments. However, they are social media influencers.

In that case, they might prioritize capturing content over enjoying the moment, making it crucial to set some boundaries during important events like weddings.

A Redditor took to the forum and asked, “Am I wrong for kicking my sister out of my engagement dinner because she wouldn’t stop taking photos and making a scene?We want to know what you think.



The Original Poster (OP) is getting married to the love of her life. OP’s engagement party was booked at an upscale restaurant.

The day prior, OP sat her sister down and told her that OP wanted the party to be focused on the wedding. OP did not want her sister to go above and beyond to take photos for her social media page. 

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What Did OP Fear?

OP says her sister is really trying hard to become famous online. She has never said anything to her sister because she’s an adult, and it’s her life. However, OP wanted to avoid that taking over at the party. 

According to OP, she does not stop at taking a few photos to post. OP’s sister becomes this embarrassing (IMO) caricature of the perpetually online influencer. For example, She’ll order two dishes at a restaurant: one to take photos of because it’s prettier and the second to eat. She’s stopped traffic before to take outfit photos in the street. She’s also staged “fake” things to post online (once, she started crying in a Starbucks and made a fake story about how the barista bullied her).

All OP wanted was for OP’s sister doesn’t embarrass her. 

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What Happened Next?

At the party, OP’s sister stood on her chair to take top-down photos of her meal. 

Everyone stared in shock, and a waiter had to ask her to sit down. OP’s sister refused to and loudly argued with the waiter, saying she was the bride’s sister (OP). Then, she started to loudly sob that she was being bullied.

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What Did OP Do?

OP was mortified and immediately had the groomsmen escort her out of the room. OP’s sister has since blasted OP on social media, calling me an a**hole for not handling the situation with more “grace and empathy.” OP’s sister says that OP could have given her a warning instead of kicking her out immediately.

OP says, “I was panicking, so I wonder if I could have handled it better. Am I wrong?”

What Do You Think? Was OP appropriate in kicking her sister out immediately? Was OP’s sister wrong in what she started to do?

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