Handling teenagers can be challenging for all parents. Teenagers test boundaries and push against authority figures as they navigate their identity and search for independence.

But how far is too far when it comes to teaching them discipline?  We want to hear from you. A Redditor shared her story and asked the forum ‘Am I wrong for sending my niece to go live with her other uncle?”

Here Is The Backstory For You:

The original poster’s (OP) sister-in-law passed away 12 years ago, and her brother passed away 4 years ago. They had a daughter who is 13 years old as of today. 

After the OP’s brother passed away, both the OP and her sister-in-law’s brother tried to adopt the niece. It is important to remember that the OP clearly mentions that the niece didn’t have much of a relationship with her mom’s family. That is why, the OP was obviously a better choice, and she adopts the niece at the end.  

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What Happened That Let The OP Send Her Away?

The niece has supposedly developed an annoying habit of saying she would instead go and live with her other uncle whenever there is a disagreement. The OP confidently says that “I know she doesn’t mean it because

  1. She barely knows her other uncle
  2. I have a high-paying job and can provide things that most people aren’t able to provide, so she is too spoiled to be able to live with anyone else.”

Approximately a week ago, the niece repeated it and said she would instead live with her other uncle. The OP lost her cool and asked her to pack a bag. The niece went to her room quietly. 

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An hour later, the OP went to her room and asked if she was ready to leave. At this point, the niece said she didn’t mean what she said and didn’t want to go. 

The OP reinstated that she should go anyway, stay for a week, and then tell the OP if she wants to stay there or come back home. 

The niece said again that she already knew where she wanted to stay, but the OP told her to get in the car and drove her to the uncle’s place.

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After a week, the OP called and asked if she wanted to come home. She said yes; however, she hadn’t talked to the OP. When the family heard of what happened, they found OP in the wrong and were mad at her. 

Was OP right to ask her to pack the bags? Was it inappropriate for OP to push her to go even though she said she doesn’t wants to? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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