Do you feel breastfeeding in public without covering is a terrible activity? Well, it might be your opinion and perspective.

Trying to influence your opinion of others will end in arguments and bitterness. Likewise, in this story, when a mom feeds her daughter, her aunt makes a terrible joke about her.

A user asked the forum, “Am I a jerk for telling my aunt to move if she doesn’t want to see me breastfeed my daughter?”


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The original poster’s (OP) daughter is 11 months old, and she has exclusively breastfed her from day one.

They have struggled with her not producing enough, but they have overcome it, and OP is very proud, considering with her son, she was only able to breastfeed for about three months because of lack of supply and poor latching.


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OP was at a family picnic the following weekend and got to see her aunt, who lives far away, whom she doesn’t see often.

OP was sitting beside her aunt catching up when that time OP’s husband brought her daughter over, saying she wanted to nurse.


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OP un-clipped the right side of her nursing tank (the side away from her aunt), and her daughter latched on.


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OP’s aunt asked if she wanted something to cover up, and OP said she didn’t want OP’s daughter to pull off her cover. OP tried, and not much of her breast was exposed except her nipple, which her baby was covering.

OP says that her aunt made a joke about how OP has no shame, which OP laughed off.


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OP’s aunt then told her even though she is comfortable feeding her without a cover, maybe she and the rest of her family isn’t.

OP told her that she was more interested in her and her daughter being comfortable for the 10 minutes she would eat, and if it bothered her, she was welcome to move.


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OP says that her aunt scoffed at her but didn’t move, making a weird look at her and then going into her phone and halting their conversation.


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OP says that she didn’t think she was out of line, but she heard her aunt complaining to OP’s cousins shortly after, and they told OP that she shouldn’t feel so comfortable “flashing” the family.

OP says in nicer words, she told them to shut up.


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OP doesn’t feel ashamed to have to feed her daughter, but she is. Wondering if she is just so used to it. OP also doesn’t feel like she is doing anything inappropriate.

OP asks if she must have handled that differently and wants to know if she is a jerk.

OP added that her baby did eat solids and started at 6/7 months doing so! She meant exclusively, as in they have never substituted with formula 2.


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“People who are offended by the fact that babies eat can shut their eyes or walk away. Babies. Eat. Breasts may be involved. Get over it.”


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“Damn, when did breastfeeding become a “Hide that thing” again? There for a while, everybody seemed to be on board the ‘stop breastfeeding shaming’ train and then we are back to this 50’s mentality of Gasp, Breasteses need to be hidden.

So childish, let woman feed their dang babies, don’t stare, don’t try to cover up babies in 100° temperatures, don’t record video, and don’t momma shame. Do any of those, and you are an automatic jerk.”

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