Why would a grown-up woman want to take credit for something her little children did? We’ve no idea!

A netizen recently asked, “Am I a jerk for not letting my wife take credit for a gift I bought for myself with my children?”. We want to hear your thoughts!


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The Original Poster (OP) and his wife just had people over to their house for his 45th birthday. 

OP reached his thirties without getting married and met his wife (29).

“She is perfect for me. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever met, and she is so much smarter than me. It is embarrassing sometimes.”, says OP. 


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He (OP) thinks his wife is terrific, but she has one weird hang-up. She thinks some of OP’s hobbies are immature. 

“Which I think is fine. She can be the mature one in our relationship.”, says OP. 


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They have two kids, aged 7 & 5. OP never thought he’d want kids, but now he knows he couldn’t have lived without them. 

“They wanted to get me a present for my big birthday. So we went to Toys “R” Us, and got myself a sweet Lego set. Then I helped them wrap it up so I could open it up at our party.”, says OP. 


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All the guys were jealous of OP’s new Lego set. He got some nice golf stuff and great Bourbon, but all the guys could discuss was his new Millennium Falcon. 


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OP’s wife, for some reason, decided to take the credit from the kids. She told everyone how she got it for OP because he’s such a little boy at heart. Their kids heard her and were confused because they knew she wasn’t involved. They told everyone they took OP to the store to find something he would love. They each even put in some of their money ($10 each) to buy OP’s gift. 

“When guys asked me about it, I told the truth that my kids and I had bought it and that my gift from my wife was new golf clubs.”, says OP. 


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His (OP’s) wife is upset that the gift she gave me wasn’t the one everyone thought was the best. She believes the whole family should share the credit for it, not just the kids.


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OP told her that her gift was terrific, that he would be using them for years, and that he appreciated her giving him something useful. 

“But I said that the kids had chosen to get me a toy and that she shouldn’t try and take credit”, says OP. 


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His (OP’s) wife says he didn’t have to exclude her from the toy shopping and didn’t need to tell people she wasn’t involved in buying him his toy. 

“I didn’t. She has told me in the past that it embarrasses her that I play with toys.”, says OP. 

Is OP a jerk?


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“Not the jerk. You did nothing wrong. Although your wife’s action doesn’t scream smart for someone you called smarter than you.” 


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“Not the jerk. It’s not your responsibility to support your wife’s lie. Her pride and need for attention is more important than the need to support her kids and demonstrate honesty to them.” 


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“So your wife is jealous that she wasn’t center stage at your birthday? Does she always have to get all the attention all the time? It’s unhealthy to be hogging the spotlight, especially from your kids. Not the jerk.” 


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“Not the jerk. She is entitled and selfish/self-absorbed. She thought her present would be the big hit of the night. She was annoyed when she found out it wasn’t because she wouldn’t get the extra attention. Remember this because it will happen time and time again!” 

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