Relationships are complex, and the addition of addiction can make them even more challenging.

What Happened

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A user asked on a popular forum, “My fiancé (25M) spent our entire savings (which we both were saving for our wedding and honeymoon) on buying a gaming pc. What’s worse is that ever since he got the pc, he has ignored me (27F) he has forgotten that I even exist in his life.”

While she shares all the details in the story, she is lost on how to move forward with this situation. May be you can help. Here is what happened:


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The Original Poster’s (OP) fiancé and OP got engaged in December last year. In January this year, they decided to save money every month for their wedding and honeymoon, and in 6 months, they saved approx. $8000.

What Happened?

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Last month, OP’s fiancé’s best friend bought a new gaming pc. OP fiancé also wanted to buy one, so he asked OP, but she denied it because they both already had laptops.

OP Told Him

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OP told him that he could play games on the laptop that he already had. He repeatedly kept asking OP if he could buy a PC, and OP finally agreed to it, which OP now regrets badly.

What Happened Next?

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After a week, the PC finally came, and with the PC came a new table and chair. He had ordered a gaming chair and a table as well.

That night, OP asked him how much it all cost, and he hesitated to tell. After a while, he said OP, and she was distraught when she heard that he had spent their entire savings of $8000 on buying the pc.

They Had An Argument

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They had a huge argument that night, and OP scolded him for spending all their savings because that savings contained not only his but OP’s money.

And they were saving it for their wedding. After everything OP told him, his final reply was that he would earn all that back soon. OP did not trust those words at all.

What Happened Next?

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It had been about two weeks since he got the PC, and since then, OP’s fiancé hasn’t gotten up from his new chair. Ever since he got the pc, he hasn’t seen OP’s face. He only talked to her when he was hungry, and he used to call OP and tell her to get him something to eat or drink.

OP Called Him

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OP called him to watch TV, and he denied that, saying he was busy. OP called him to sleep together, and he denied that too.

His sleep schedule was messed up. He used to play games the whole night and would sleep at 5 am and woke up at 2 pm. He was asleep when OP was awake, and he was awake when OP was asleep. For the past two weeks, OP had been so lonely that it felt like OP was alone at home and had nobody to talk to. He ignored OP so much that he thought he had forgotten that OP even existed in his life.

How Did OP Feel?

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OP felt like his waitress those days because for the past two weeks, the only interaction they had was him asking for food and water, and she gave it to him.

He also stopped doing all the house chores. OP had been doing all the house chores for the past two weeks, and it was getting tough for her to do that alone. They used to share their responsibilities and do all the house chores together, but he wasn’t even taking care of himself for the past two weeks.

What Else Happened

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He was barely even brushing his teeth. Also, he was supposed to be working from home, but ever since the PC arrived, he didn’t even touch his laptop to work, and he wasn’t even seeing his phone to check if someone called or texted him anything regarding work. OP was now genuinely afraid that he might lose his job.

Everything that was happening right then was so wrong, OP called her parents and told them about that, and they almost had nothing to say.

OP Needs Help:

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OP thought of calling his parents and tell the matter to them, and maybe they could knock some sense into him. OP honestly didn’t know what else to do. OP wanted to burn that pc.

OP wants you to suggest how to deal with this situation. What would you do if you were OP?

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