Some professions are vital for society. These jobs are challenging to do and demand patience and dedication. 

A user asked the forum, “What job do you have insane respect for but you’d never personally do?” Here are the top responses. 


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“The guys that pump out the porta-potties on construction sites. I respect them, but you couldn’t pay me enough to do that job. I’d probably do it for $500,000/year.”


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“Garbage collectors and waste management, imagine how our cities would be without it.”


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“Medicine. The study, the hours, the pay in the early years, and the workplace abuse. I like my time too much to be a doctor.”


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“Rescue diving. Pretty much anything underwater in the ocean. The unknown down below scares me.”


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“Teacher/instructor of any sort. It’s a double-edged sword: on the one hand, I genuinely feel teachers have a calling to it and have the patience of saints but are drastically underpaid, undersupported, and persecuted by the public for things they don’t understand (at least here in the United States), and I fear for their safety. 

The other side of it is all me: I’ve worked with young children in a college work-study program, and it is not for me. I also hate speaking in front of groups, even small crowds. I am far better at supporting staff or one-on-one instruction than in a classroom.

I’m glad and grateful to those that can do it. I simply could not. I went into allied health, working for patients behind the scenes.”


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“People in animal care. It’s a brutal profession with some of the highest suicide rates since the people who choose it do so because they are deeply empathetic and see animals in distress all day.”


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“Sanitation. I’m a paramedic, and they’re my heroes. Wait to have your trash taken out for a month, and you’ll realize how essential to society they are. There is an argument that trash collection is the crucial thing for a functional society to have.”


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“People who work on long-term care or Hospice care. That is a hard offer, a thankless job that can wear on your soul. The people who do it deserve way more than they get for doing it.”


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“Nurses. My dad passed away a few weeks ago, and the nurses were amazing. My mum and brother had COVID-19, but we were allowed to visit with restrictions so that my mum could say goodbye to her husband of 47 years. The nurses organized it all, and I could never do their job. Absolute respect.”


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“Firefighting. Those folks have balls of steel going into areas with bugger-all visibility, wearing heavy clothing and Breathing Apparatus kit, dragging along hoses and other kit, not knowing what they are heading to and how structurally safe the place is. Seeing and dealing with all sorts of things.”


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“Therapists, I mean, I respect them because they’re kind enough to listen to all of our problems, but I have enough problems of my own to listen to others.”


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“Police officer. I know people hate cops, but they have a tough job, and I (mostly) appreciate what they do for our society.”


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“Anything fast food. I try to be as nice as possible for fast food employees.”


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Working in social services would be incredibly draining emotionally.


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“Plumbing, some places still don’t have access to clean water sources, but we’re spending millions on fiber optics. Meanwhile, outdated plumbing and septic can kill you, and you must pay for water. Water is a massive key to life, so thanks to those in the industry.

Sadly, most of the plumbing companies or water companies can’t afford the millions it would take to update our water sources for our health, and the world/government is more worried about investing in technology instead.”


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“Law enforcement officers. I have a difficult enough time dealing with the general public on a good day, but if I deal with members of the general public when they are in the middle of a bad day, I wouldn’t be able to handle it very well.”


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“Marine biologists who swim with sharks.”


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“Kitchen and waitstaff at restaurants. I did it for five years and made a pact never to return.”

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