A netizen recently asked, What’s, based on your own life experience, your one piece of advice to everyone here? And we were touched by the amount of wisdom coming in!

Don’t Forget To Value The Basics

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“Even amidst suffering, don’t forget to value the basics: breathing, walking, good health and interpersonal relationships. Their absence reminds us of their worth.

Life’s not just about seeking happiness, it’s about finding meaning despite hardship. Appreciate the ordinary, find strength in gratitude, and stand tall amidst the chaos.” 


College Isn’t For Everyone

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“College isn’t for everyone. Trades are just as rewarding and don’t come with nearly the same debt.  If you aren’t sure what you want to do, don’t waste time and money in a University.” 


Buy A Plunger Before You Need It

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“Buy a plunger before you need a plunger.” Said one. 

“Absolutely good advice! Get one right when you move into a new place. Even if it’s just one of those 5 dollar-sink ones, it’s better than nothing. Ideally, you’d get one of those as well as a toilet one. It’ll make your day a lot easier at some point, possibly!”

Another added. 


The Way Someone Treats You Is A Reflection On Themselves, Not You

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“The way someone treats you is a reflection on themselves, not you. Don’t fall for that crap. If someone refuses to treat you with respect it doesn’t mean your worth is any less, it means they’re a jerk. It’s more about not internalizing their actions as a measure of your own value.” 


You Don’t Need Closure From People That Treat You Like Crap

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“You don’t need closure from people that treat you like crap. How they react to the event that caused the split (be it relationships or especially friendships) should be more than enough.

Cause they just ain’t worth the trouble.” 


Put Energy Into Things You Enjoy

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“Put energy into things you enjoy. Also, beware of energy vampires.” 


Always Make Sure To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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“Always make sure to step out of your comfort zone. Every great thing that has happened to me has been as a result of leaving my familiar boundaries.”


Never Stop Improving Yourself, Especially Your Mind

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“Never stop improving yourself, especially your mind. Learn new things, take on new hobbies, travel to places you’ve never been (even if they’re just across town), try new foods, and listen to songs outside the genres you normally listen to. As the late great Bill Hicks said, “Life is just a ride, man”, so enjoy the ride…” 


You Don’t Have To Be Respectful Towards Indecent Behavior Only Because The Other Person Is Elder Than You

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“Just because they are your elders, it doesn’t mean they deserve to be respected by you.” Said one. 

“There is a certain token of respect that I always give elders. Such as I have younger knees that can stand and they get the chair. 

That does not mean I take their words and advice seriously.” Another added. 


Don’t Do Hard Drugs, Kids

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“Don’t do hard drugs, kids. Unless you want to experience Hell before you die.” Said one. 

“Drugs aren’t cool. Don’t risk a life full of misery just to impress some people that probably don’t care about you.” Another added. 


Don’t Let People Take You For Granted

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“Don’t let people take you for granted. If they don’t appreciate you and your time then they aren’t worth it.” 


Cherish And Appreciate Yourself More

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“Cherish and appreciate yourself more. Learn how to thrive in your own company. The only person who is going to be there for you every time is – you.”


Time Is Relentless

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“Time is relentless. You can’t make more of it and you can’t control it…you can only choose what you do with the time you have. It’s the most precious commodity you have, treat it as such.” 


Stop Being A People Pleaser

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“Stop being a people pleaser, putting others above yourself just isn’t sustainable in the long term. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being nice to people but you HAVE to prioritize yourself!” 


The Only Person You Should Be Impressing Is Yourself

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“The only person you should be impressing OR competing with is yourself. Strive to be a better version of yourself every day. Make it a routine to outdo you. Take it day by day.” 



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