Fridays are known to single-handedly bust the stress of the entire week, aren’t they? Well, they’re way too hard-earned for us not to expect at least that much from them!

Anyways, is there a weekly ritual you engage in every Friday to give a fresh start to your weekend? Because if you do, you’re not alone. It turns out everyone out there does that.

What is the one thing you do on Friday to start your weekend properly? Here are the top responses


Read Only Fridays 

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“In the IT world, we have “Read Only Fridays”. If you don’t change anything on Friday, you won’t need to fix it on Saturday. For me, I end the day by emailing myself a list of all the things I’m in the middle of or need to get done next. Then I can clear my mind and know I can hit the ground running on Monday again” said one. 

“I tend to do a “core dump” of my brain at the end of my workday, and often it’s difficult the next morning to recall what I was working on, and especially *why*.” replied one. 


Take Mini Breaks 

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“On Fridays I microdose my PTO by doing nothing for 30 minutes.”

“I’ll be honest; I work like this a lot of the time….maybe not for full 30-minute periods, but just taking little mini-breaks. Then in the more productive segments, I get a lot done. And then I go back to zoning out for a bit.

On Fridays, at the end of the day, I tend to zone out for a longer period. There really isn’t usually anything particularly important that I can get done in that last 45 minutes of the day,” Another added. 


Pizza Friday 

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“My wife and I get a pizza from one of our favorite places and split a bottle of wine on the deck. It’s not much, but we always get excited about it, and each has our own “Pizza Friday” song and dance we do as we’re getting ready in the morning.”


Break Up With My Pants

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“Take my pants off as soon as I get home. I won’t need them until Monday.” Said one. 

“The first thing I always did when I got home was take off my shoes, socks, and bra. Freedom may be “just another word for nothing less to lose” for some people. For me, it’s no more uncomfortable clothes.” Replied another. 


“Wait For Tuesday” Ft. Tuesday Weekenders 

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“Clock in to work and get ready for everyone else who is off work the next two days to come to eat at my restaurant. Then I’m off on a Tuesday, and everyone looks at me like I have no job.” said one. 

“Thank you, every time I see one of these posts or hear the radio guy scream “IT’S FRIDAY”, I just want to scream. Do hell with the weekends. Monday and Tuesday weekenders unite,” another added. 

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Spare Some Family Time 

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“Every Friday night, I came downstairs with my two young children. We make beds on the sofas, watch a film and enjoy a nice supper. In a few short years, I know they’ll  think it’s not great to hang out with dad.” Said one. 

“I do something similar. We usually get takeout and then get into our pajamas, and my son and I watch a movie in my room with snacks. Been a staple of our Friday nights for like three years now,” Another added. 


Fun Coffee Fridays 

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“Fun coffee Friday – Unless I’m having a bad day, I try to limit myself to black coffee at work during the week (doesn’t always happen). 

My post-lunch/morning meetings cup is pure joy – cream, sugar, and whatever flavorings we have in stock.   It’s minor, but it changes my mindset and pace during the afternoon wrap-up.”


Weekend Tribute To My Sobriety 

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“I’m a recovering alcoholic, and weekends, in particular, were bad for me, so I make sure to start my weekend doing something good for my sobriety.

Sometimes it’s an AA meeting in the afternoon, sometimes, it’s blocking off an hour on my calendar to go for a walk, or it could be something as simple as a quick phone call to another friend/acquaintance in recovery. Been working so far, so not going to stop anytime soon :)”


Wrap Up All The Housework 

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“I get to leave work early on Fridays, so arriving home 2 hours earlier than during the week is nice. 

I clean. I love cleaning, and I love that I can clean my whole flat properly in those few extra hours of freedom. By the time it’s 9pm, my whole home is spotless, I’ve done 2 sets of laundry, and dinner is in the oven! 

Then I turn on the console and play a nice game with my husband or watch a movie together, and by 10-10:30 pm we slip into fresh bed sheets. 

This way I’ve got the Saturdays and Sundays free from doing housework.  Just thinking about it now, I can’t wait to get home today!”

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Jog Around The “Friday Park”

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“I go for a jog in the morning but I take a particular route which goes around a really pleasant park. 

I associate that park with Fridays and it starts my day in a great mood.”


Get High & Gobble Up

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“Get high and eat like 4000 calories.” Said one. 

“Yeah, I decided to stop drinking every night and eating fast food for every meal. So now, I eat healthy, stay sober, and exercise. But every Friday I get drunk and order an unhealthy amount of fried chicken.” Another replied. 


Play LOUD MUSIC While Driving Back Home

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“When I get in my car after leaving the building, I put Whitney’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” on full blast and sing my heart out down Main Street. As is tradition.” Said one. 

“I blast “Lookout Weekend” by Debbie Deb on the ride home.” Another added. 


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