A son felt abandoned after his mother canceled his birthday plans, and he called her out on social media. He wants to know if he is right.

A user asked, Am I wrong for calling out my mom on social media for abandoning me on my birthday


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The Original Poster (OP) just turned 21 years old last month, and I have spent the last few birthdays by myself due to being in college.


What Happened This Time?

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About a month before his birthday, his mom was sitting in the living room when she asked him, “What do you wanna do for your birthday this year?”


OP Told He Wanted To Spend It With Her

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OP told her it didn’t matter as long as he got to spend it with her, seeing as he was away at college for the last two years. OP also adds that he took a year off to help with his family and care for his mental health.


What Did The Mom Do?

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A week later, she tells him that she found a VR place open for his birthday and made reservations for them to go, which OP was ecstatic about. She knew how much OP loved VR, and her making the reservation was a good thing.


What Happened Just Before The Birthday?

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A few days before my birthday, she called him from her job and told OP she canceled their reservation to go on a “date night” with her boyfriend. When OP asked her why, she said it was the only day they could get a table at the restaurant.


She Broke Her Promise

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OP told her she had made a promise to spend my birthday with him, and now she’s breaking it. She then said to get over it and spend the day with OP’s girlfriend.

OP says, “My gf works for a cruise line and is out of the country until July. Also, this is a pattern of hers that has been going on since I was 12. This always happens whether it’s my birthday, a competition, or an important event. Just thought I’d add a little clarification.”


What Did OP Do?

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OP ended up spending his birthday alone and made a post on social media calling his mom out for abandoning him on a milestone birthday. His family is now divided. Half are siding with him, and the others say he is selfish and made the post too far. OP hasn’t taken it down yet and asks if he is the jerk.

What do you think? Was it right for OP to do a social media post about it? Here is what others think:


You Did Right

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“Not wrong. Many people say OP should have called out his mom privately instead of on SM, but that is precisely what he did. And then Mom said to him get over it. So Mom brought the well-deserved call-out on SM entirely upon herself. Mom is a major jerk, not OP.”


She Abandoned You

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“Not a jerk. Your mom did abandon you for a date. She prioritized her dates over her child. She also knew so little about you and your GF that she didn’t know your GF was away on business.

People get away with being complete jerks because everyone wants to be polite and keep things private. Calling out a jerk’s bad behavior is causing them embarrassment? Good. Was the Family upset because it got pointed out? Too bad, so sad.”


Such A Selfish Person

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“Well, well, someone doesn’t like being called out? Maybe she should’ve thought about it first.

What a selfish person; if nothing had been planned initially, I could have “understand” but she planned something and canceled it for a date? Is her love life more important than her kid’s birthday ?? She better not come crying when you don’t invite her to your great life events.”


Your Mom Deserved It

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“Although I disagree with airing dirty laundry on social media, your mom was a jerk for canceling the reservation to go on a date. It also depends on what was said in the post, too, though.”

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