Childbirth is personal, and women should have the right to decide who stays and who doesn’t. But what if she does not want the father? How would he feel? Is this right?

A Redditor took to the forum and asked, “Am I wrong for “sulking” about the fact that my wife won’t let me watch my son’s birth?” We want to know what you think. 



The Original Poster (OP), a 28-year-old man, has been in a relationship with Emily, a 26-year-old woman, for seven years. They have been married for two years and have always discussed their desire for children, and OP expressed his strong desire to be present for their children’s birth. 

OP’s dad used to talk about how the birth of OP and his siblings brought tears to him, and he was so grateful for it. OP wanted to experience it for himself.

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What Is Happening Now?

OP’s wife, Emily, is now eight months pregnant. The pregnancy has been challenging for both of them, especially for his wife, who has had several previous miscarriages. 

OP had been praying to God for the safe delivery of their baby and for both his wife and the baby to come through the pregnancy safely.

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What Did OP’s Wife Want?

OP and his wife had been discussing their child’s upcoming labor and delivery. Still, his wife was firm in her decision that she did not want him in the room during the birth, whether it would be a natural or C-section delivery. 

Despite OP’s attempts to convince and plead with his wife, she did not change her mind. Her mother would be present instead. OP understands his wife needed her mother’s support to ensure a smooth delivery. 

While he was trying not to stress his wife out and remain focused on the health of his wife and child, OP was feeling sad about not being able to be present for his son’s birth.

Despite understanding that the most important thing was the health of his wife and child, OP was struggling to come to terms with not being present for the birth. He had been trying to process his emotions independently without bothering his wife, who was already stressed and scared.

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What Happened What He Told His Wife?

However, when he spoke to his wife about his feelings, she condescended and accused him of weakness. She scolded and told him to “be a man” and get over that. 

OP felt upset by her words but didn’t want to upset her further, so he left to go grocery shopping. Despite feeling hurt, OP loves his wife and only wants the best for her and their child.

OP says, “I still do everything as I’ve done before, but she says that now I have this “beaten puppy dog” look on my face, and it’s “pissing her off.” 

Then, she started scolding me, asking me why it mattered so much to me and if I would act this weak in front of our son. She told me I needed to be a 05and “get over it.” I feel like crying, but I don’t want her to know, and get mad at me again, so I told her I was going out to get groceries and am writing this in the car to try and calm myself down. 

I love her so much, but what she said hit me hard. I want them both to be healthy and safe, but I also want to be there.

He wants to know if he is wrong in feeling bad about this entire situation.

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What Did Others Have To Say?

She is straight-up obsessed with toxic masculinity. Men are weak if they cry or care about seeing their child’s first moments? Hell no, this woman has very toxic views, and OP really needs to take a look if this is the kind of mindset he wants his child to be raised with.” said one.

Agreed. Emily has some rigid gender role ideologies that need to be closely examined when this couple starts raising children together.” shared another.

 What do you think about this situation? Was OP right in wanting to be present at childbirth? Was it inappropriate for OP’s wife to be so rude to him?

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