A user asked, Am I wrong for not giving my ex-wife money from selling my house?


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The Original Poster’s (OP) ex-wife is a 32-year-old woman, and he is a 38-year-old male. 

A Little More Background

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After their first year of marriage, they bought a house. During the four years they were together, they had a son. After five years of marriage, she asked for a divorce and stated she wanted to go back to her home country with a clean slate (no debt).


What Happened Next?

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So OP assumed ownership of the house, car, medical bills, and credit card debt. OP’s ex-wife also signed a quit claim deed on the house. 

OP also got full custody of their son. She got no alimony and no debt she had to pay off. OP also mentions that he isn’t getting any child support.


What Does He Say

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He says, “I am not getting child support; you can’t squeeze blood from a stone. In my state, they have a calculator to determine child support amount based on the incomes of both parents, and I would be entitled to some from her since I have full custody.”


What Happened After He Sold His House?

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A year and a half after the divorce, OP sold the house to move closer to his family. She found out OP had sold it and asked me for her share of the proceeds.


What Did Op Tell Her

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OP told her no and that when we divorced, she gave up all rights to that house. So some of her family think OP is wrong for not giving her any money. He asks if he is a jerk for not giving her any.

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You Are NOT A Jerk

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“Well, she can have a share of the house sale if she also pays for the medical bills, the credit card debt, car payments, and of course, a monthly child support payment for your son. Not a jerk.

(OMG, I can’t believe the woman just left everything, INCLUDING her son!!! And then dares to ask for money from the house sale!?!?).”


No Need To Pay

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“Her not wanting to be a mom is a complex socio-cultural issue, and there’s a lot to say about her responsibility to a child she PLANNED to bring into this world…

But I am floored she’d want a proceed of the sale of the house – OP is raising a whole child without any child support, and it sounds like he also assumed all the debts they had. Between those things, the house sale is really to get another house and pay for life.”

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She Got A Clean Slate

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“Not wrong. She wanted a clean slate with no debts. She is now complaining about those debts she abandoned not benefiting her. She would have owed you child support if she had not fled the country. Her “portion” of the house covered abandoned child support debt.”


Divorce Is Done

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“Not a jerk. She doesn’t get to change the divorce terms after the fact. Her freedom from debt was her earnings from the house.”

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