Pranks can be a fun way to bond with friends and family, but they can also be hurtful and damaging.

There is no one answer to this question, as it depends on the individual and the prank itself.  A netizen recently asked, Am I a jerk for dropping out of my cousin’s wedding party after a prank? Read on to know what happened and drop your views in the comments section!


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The Original Poster’s or OP’s (F26) cousin (F29) got engaged a few months ago and asked OP to be a bridesmaid. OP says,” I was so excited to accept it!”

Her sister (F32) is the Maid of Honor and there are 3 other bridesmaids. The date is set for April 2024. 

What Happened On 1st April 2023

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On April 1st of this year, OP’s cousin sent a PDF to the bridesmaid group chat that really made her angry. It was a list of wedding party responsibilities, rules, and regulations. It included a picture of the bridesmaid dresses that they’d be wearing. They were hideous!

Pay $800

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And she told them that they’d have to pay $800 for them and that they only went up to a size 8 so anyone bigger than that would need to lose weight before the wedding.

That made OP so angry because she wears a size 10 but also her cousin is like a size 12 so even fatter than her!

What Other Ridiculous Instructions The PDF Contain?

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OP says, “Other ridiculous things she added were:

  • None of us were allowed to be tanner than her for the wedding so she told us that none of us could spend significant time in the sun for the next year. 
  • She wanted to have longer hair than all of her BMs, so she said that we’d all have to cut our hair to our shoulders or shorter.
  • She wanted to do a choreographed dance with all of us and insisted that we go to 3-hour dance classes with her every Sunday until the wedding, a year away.
  • She said that she wanted her bachelorette party to be in Paris and that we would all need to chip in $3k.” 

There Was More

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There was more but OP was so angry she stopped reading and muted the group chat for a few hours. 

OP was so livid and hurt that she decided to drop out of the wedding party, but she didn’t say anything right away. 

What Happened The Next Day?

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The next day, OP checked the group chat again, and everyone else had been chatting about how funny the bride’s “prank” was. Apparently, at the bottom of the PDF, it said “April Fools,” but OP hadn’t read that far because she was so mad. 

Everyone Thought It Was Hilarious

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Everyone else thought it was hilarious, but it rubbed OP the wrong way. OP reached out to the bride to tell her how much this hurt her feelings, and she did apologize. But even though it’s been almost two months, OP’s still really angry. 

What Did OP Decide This Week?

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OP further narrates the incident, saying, “I decided this week that I no longer want to be a bridesmaid because of the mean-spirited prank and told my cousin. Now she’s hurt and angry, and the MOH, other BMs, and some of my family members are blowing up my phone, saying that I’m overreacting to an “innocent prank.”

But I believe that pranks are only funny if the recipient finds them funny, and I definitely didn’t. So am I a jerk?”

It Was A Harmless Prank. After All

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“You’re the jerk. Even if it wasn’t the best prank in the world, it still was a harmless prank: done on April’s Fool, with a mention this is a prank in the document itself, no one specifically targeted, it was a group prank, etc., etc.

You didn’t like the prank, that happens and it is fine by itself. But to hold two months after a grudge big enough you are dropping out of the wedding out of spite? That is some serious overreaction here. Especially for a group prank where you were not specifically targeted.” 

You Might Need To Fix Your Anger Issues 

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“Yeah, I’m going with a *You’re the jerk* here. You didn’t read it properly and leapt to righteous anger. A prank requires a trick played on someone or it’s not a prank.

You didn’t read to the end and therefore missed the part making it clear it was a prank. I would suggest you’re frustrated at yourself for falling for something with April Fools written on it…Perhaps speak to someone about your anger issues? Something so ridiculous is something to laugh at, not get angry at.”

Come On! You Are Ridiculous

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“I was twitching when I read the word “prank,” bc usually on here “pranks” are code for “bullying,” but this one? Honestly, that’s pretty good. I was actually chucking. And it said “April Fools” right on the PDF?? She didn’t let it go on for a while? Come on. You are ridiculous.”

You Do Realize That She Apologized For An April Fools’ Joke, Right?

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“It’s an April Fools’ Joke. It wasn’t meant to hurt your feelings; however, it did and you told the bride and she apologized right away. Unless you think that her apology was fake, you are just holding a grudge for no reason.”

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