Not everyone feels the need to live life king-size. But is it really worth it in the practical world?

A netizen recently shared, “Dad didn’t approve of my career choice so I got promoted and took his money”. Keep on reading to know what exactly happened.


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The Original Poster (OP) has worked for the same restaurant chain since he was legally allowed to work at 16.

At first, it was just a part-time job to make money while in high school. At 18, OP ended up transferring to a location a few hours away where he was going to college and got promoted to supervisor. After a semester, OP ended up dropping out of school due to the effects it was having on his mental health.

“I’ve never been very motivated by money; just want to pay my bills and have a simple life with good friends and family nearby. So I decided to stick with this company and continue to work my way up until I could manage my own location.”, says OP.

Ever Since OP Dropped Out Of College

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Since OP dropped out of college, though, his dad took every opportunity to try and persuade him to do ‘something more serious’ with his life. He’s always been very motivated by money, so it’s hard for him to understand why OP doesn’t feel the same way.

“…which I could understand to some extent but after two years of every single conversation with my dad ending in an argument over my career choice it had heavily impacted our relationship.”, says OP.

How Does OP Feel?

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OP feels it’s very demeaning being constantly reminded that you’re “wasting your life” or “not being responsible” even though he was in his own apartment with his own car at just 18 years old.

They didn’t have a healthy relationship to begin with, so this added disagreement just made OP even more resentful.

What Happened One Day?

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So, one day OP finally had the opportunity to move out of State where a lot of his extended family lived, along with being promoted to assistant manager at this new location. When OP told his dad this, he begged OP to look for another job.

He said he was embarrassed by OP’s profession and wished he could post about his (OP’s) accomplishments like his siblings. He ended up offering OP $2000 if he found a job that would pay him $14 an hour or more.

“Generous yes but I’d rather have a dad who supports me or at least doesn’t belittle me you know?”, says OP.

OP Tricked His Dad

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Anyway, OP texted the manager he had been in contact with about his transfer to ask if they could discuss his pay. OP convinced her to increase the offer from $13.75 to $14.25.

OP told his dad he had gotten an offer for more than $14 and asked for the $2000 as it was time for OP to put down his deposit/first rent for his new apartment. He said he would eventually, but technically he never clarified when he had to pay OP.

More Tricks

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OP’s dad had plenty of money but was always stingy with it. OP told him he’d just asked his grandma for a loan since his dad wasn’t following through, and OP would use his money to pay her back “eventually”.

“Of course, he didn’t want our family to know he was being a jerk so he sent me the money.”, says OP.

Game Over…But At What Cost?

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Afterwards, OP’s dad asked OP about his new job to which OP said “I’m not getting a new job I’m just getting a raise”. OP could hear the steam coming out of his ears over the phone.

He started yelling and demanding OP to send back the money, but OP told him “Well, you’re right, you never clarified when you’d have to pay up but you also never clarified that the wage I needed had to come from a different job”. OP hung up and kept the money. They didn’t talk for a while and still hardly talk now.

OP asks if he is a jerk.

A Bit On The Fence

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“I’m a bit on the fence with this one. Reading through this as a dad myself I was trying to see both sides. When you said you’re not motivated by money I told myself “That’s cool but everything around you is.” Then you needed to borrow money to put down a down payment. In a way, your dad had a point there, right?”

You Need To Value Yourself More!

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“I left the restaurant industry a while back. You can make more than that as an entry-level retail worker. You will have better benefits. Management makes more money. Your dad may be a jerk about it but there may be a reason your dad wants more for you. I have been down the path you are on. It doesn’t end well for most people.

You are still being grossly underpaid right now. You can at least change companies even in the same industry to get paid more. Value yourself as much as your dad wants you to. I used to tell my brother I didn’t care about money as much as he did. Now I’ll retire at 60 and I get his point. He loves me and wants me to succeed.”

So Happy For You!

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“I am SO happy that you are happy in your job. This is all that really matters, not how much you’re making, you’ve stated you’re doing fine and good for you and for your dad, too bad! He had it coming!”

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