How’d you feel if someone advised your spouse to cheat on you for whatever reason?

An internet user asked, “Am I a jerk for calling out my in-laws who want my husband to cheat on me because they want a grandson?”. Here’s the whole story for your context.


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The Original Poster (OP) and her husband have been together for five years, and they have twin girls together. They moved in before the pandemic after dating online for a year.

They stayed with OP’s husband’s family who did everything in their power to try and get them to break up.

“I think it’s because we have different colored skin, but only 2 of them have flat-out said it to me”, says OP.


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Before OP moved in with her husband, she told his family she was not a maid and that her schooling would come first. All 12 of them agreed, and so they moved in together. 

In the 1st year of living together, the pandemic started, and they would have disagreements about stupid things (laundry not being picked up, toilet seat being left up, pets needing to be cared for, etc). 


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Whenever OP’s husband’s family heard them arguing, even if they had both come up with a solution together, they would interject into it and tell OP’s husband that OP was wrong and he shouldn’t have to compromise with someone “her kind.”

They would expect OP to clean up after everyone, including OP’s husband’s brother, who peed in cups and left pubic hair on the toilet. This happened days after he blamed her for getting a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) “because that’s what OP’s kind does.”

OP didn’t have any contact besides passing by in the hall and letting his dogs pee, and poop on the floor.

“My husband’s sister even came over when she knew he was going to be at school and threatened me and my family’s life,” says OP. 


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OP’s Sister-In-Law(SIL) still tells people to this day that OP tried getting her husband’s dog (a 2-year-old male rottie) to attack her, which OP likes to think was holding him back since she had OP cornered and OP grabbed him by the collar behind her.

“My husband says he was waiting for her to hit me because I don’t know how to fight and wouldn’t be able to hold him back,” says OP. 


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OP and her husband got kicked out of that house and got their place. They were planning on coming back to where OP is from to live with her family, but it took longer than they expected. During that time, OP got pregnant and had extreme pregnancy nausea. 

“We told them, and the stress from them all made me miscarry and almost needed a blood transfusion.”, says OP. 


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OP and her husband moved in with her parents shortly after that, and three months after the traumatic event, she got pregnant again with twins. She again had extreme pregnancy nausea and couldn’t eat anything for five months. 

The doctors couldn’t get accurate readings on both their girls and due to preeclampsia, they scheduled OP to have a c-section as soon as possible. OP talked to her doctor about getting sterilized, and she agreed. 

“Not even 24 hours after my c-section, they asked when we would try for a boy and even got mad at my husband for signing their birth certificate because my kind cheats. I told them we won’t be having any more kids. They got mad but let it go and met our baby girls”, says OP. 


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Six months later, OP heard them tell her husband while he was on a video call with them that OP wasn’t doing her womanly duties by not giving him a son and that he should go out and get another woman who’s Mexican pregnant with a son to carry on the family name. He has told them no and even threatened to have no contact with them. 


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It’s now a year later, and OP’s husband’s sister is still trying to fix him up with her friends because they are Mexican and OP is white. They both have told them they can barely support the ones they have and don’t want anymore.

“My husband’s family says they cry every night because the family name is going to die out, and I’m terrible for my husband because I’m denying him a chance to raise a son. So am I the jerk?” asks OP.


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“Not the jerk. They need a lesson in genetics. Their precious baby boy’s sperm dictates whether a boy or girl is at conception. He could go all Nick Cannon and still have a football team of girls. Cut them off and be happy.”


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“Girl! Stop indulging in all this unnecessary drama. Let your husband deal with his crazy family and end all your contact with them for your own mental health. Focus on your husband and twins. Enjoy your precious babies, and they’ll be grown before you know it.”


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“Not the jerk. The fact that you’re even in contact with these monsters blows my mind. Please keep them away from your children. They will mentally destroy them.”


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“Not the jerk, and going no contact here is vital, not just for you, but for raising a child in that environment. They’re using weird tactics, and that does not need to get passed down to the next generation.

Your husband sounds excellent. I’m sure you’re going to be just fine. Stay strong, and respect yourself. It’ll be okay, and if you believe in karma, well, they’ll get theirs, don’t worry.” 

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