If you are a Gen Z, you must have heard about the comment by a famous business mogul. Even if not, we are here to tell you. 


Who is John Catsimatidis

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John Catsimatidis, the known billionaire and CEO of Gristedes, told Daily Mail how he was planning to chill on the couch the entire summer, but his mother kicked him out. He utilized this opportunity and found himself working 70+ hours. 

He thinks that if you’re working 100 hours a week and it’s not working, you’d better work 120. 


What Does He Recommend

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Besides recommending hard work, hiring smarter people than yourself, getting a good education, and focusing on building relationships, John Catsimatidis also said, “That’s one of the problems we are having in our country these days, the kids are busy playing TikTok.‘ to the Daily Mail. 

This statement has particularly enraged GenZ. The way GenZ think is different than older business owners.


What Does GenZ Want

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A report by World Economic Forum (WEF) states that 27% of the workforce in OECD countries will be Gen Z. It is essential to note that they are focused on making money but with balanced elements of work-life balance. They are not likely to “tolerate” working in a company if it doesn’t align with their values.

The same report also mentions that GenZ would quit their job if it interfered with their work-life balance.


Are GenZ’s Difficult

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Similarly, a ResumeBuilder study found that GenZ is a “difficult” generation to work with. According to NY Times, “59% said that they’ve had to fire a Gen Z employee, and 20% even claimed to have axed one of the young workers within a week of their start date.”


Job Preferred By GenZ

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Some of the few flexible work options to make money and have the work-life balance that GenZ’s turning to:


Freelance Content Creation

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Gen Z can leverage their digital skills to create and sell content across platforms, such as writing, graphic design, and video editing.


Social Media and YouTube Influencing

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Gen Z can collaborate with brands and monetize their online influence through sponsored content and partnerships.

E-commerce Entrepreneurship

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With access to online marketplaces, Gen Z’s can start their e-commerce businesses, selling products or services in various niches. Some of the popular places involve Etsy and eBay.


Remote Jobs In Their Field

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With the advent of work from home, GenZ’s also focuses on finding remote jobs with preferred working conditions. 

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