Money matters can easily create tension and disagreements in a relationship, especially if there are differing attitudes towards spending, saving, and financial goals. These conflicts can lead to resentment, mistrust, and ultimately, the breakdown of the relationship.

A Redditor asked on a popular forum, “Am I wrong for not wanting to spit expenses proportional to income?” 


The Original Poster (OP) lives with her boyfriend in a flat that the boyfriend owns. His father gave him the flat and was fully paid off.

The building was located in a highly sought-after area and was constructed six years ago. OP paid half of her boyfriend’s market rent, which was regularly updated by referencing the rent of other flats in the same building complex. Although that amount was substantial, OP agreed to it.

Apart from this, the couple previously split all other expenses equally.

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What Happened Next?

OP’s boyfriend informed OP that expenses should be split proportionally to income after OP received a significant pay increase from a new job. OP disagreed with the proposal, arguing that making her pay more solely because of her higher income was unfair. OP noted that she had already paid her boyfriend’s rent equal to the market rate for a flat in the same area and felt this was a fair arrangement.

The boyfriend presented some arguments that OP considered weak and accused OP of taking advantage of him. In response, OP asserted that expenses would not be split proportionally to income.

After calming down, OP expressed concern that she might be wrong regarding this. She wants to know if she is wrong in this situation?

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What Did People Say?

People say she is not wrong.

“Not wrong. I’d tell him you’re okay splitting expenses proportional to income, but rent isn’t an expense you guys have to pay, so you’ll no longer be paying him rent.” said one.

“Not wrong. He was already a borderline a..hole charging you the full market rate, which implies a profit for him. This shows his true character, and it is not good.” another added.

“Not wrong. He’s accusing you of ripping him off because he is trying to rip you off.” said another.

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What do you think about splitting expenses proportionally to income in a romantic relationship? Is it fair to divide the costs, or should other factors, such as owning property, be considered?

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