Being called by the wrong name is annoying and can make it difficult to feel accepted. A young woman repeatedly asked her soon-to-be stepmom to stop calling her by the wrong name, but she refused. This led to a series of unfortunate events.

A user took to the forum and asked Am I wrong to ignore my soon-to-be stepmom when she kept calling me by the wrong name. 


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The original poster( OP ) is a 16-year-old female, and her name is Andi. OP’s mother lost her dad just a few days after discovering she was pregnant with Andi. 

OP’s mother was too close to her dad, and his name was Andrew. 

The female version of the name Andrew is Andrea. But OP’s father and mother didn’t like the name and thus named OP Andi to honor her father. 



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When OP was eight years old, her parents got divorced. So, OP stays with her mother most of the time. OP also visits her father on weekends and during holidays. 

Three years ago, OP’s father started dating a woman named Kate. Now, Kate is the fiance of OP’s father. 



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Kate assumed OP’s name as Andrea and kept her calling by the name. OP clearly explained that her name was Andi, not Andrea. 

But Kate kept calling OP by the wrong name. OP got annoyed and told her mom about this scenario. OP’s mom told her to ignore Kate until she called Andi. 



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Last weekend OP went to her father’s place, and they were visiting Kate’s family. Kate kept calling OP Andrea, and OP kept ignoring her. 


What Did Kate Do

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Kate got mad and asked OP why she was ignoring her. To which OP replied,” That’s not my name, and you know this.”


What Happened Next

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Kate’s dad and brother laughed at this conversation and said they thought Andi was OP’s nickname. And also asked Kate why she was calling OP by the wrong name. 



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She told OP  that she knew who she was talking about and that OP should have just gone with it, but OP was being a jerk. 

Kate got embarrassed and called OP a brat. Later OP felt that she should have responded to Kate even when she called her by the wrong name. 



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“Your dad is a jerk for letting his soon-to-be wife disrespect his daughter like that. Is there a bigger red flag than not bothering to learn the name of your partner’s kid?”



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“Start calling her by the wrong name and tell her to “just go with it.” 

“Start calling Kate by a different name whenever you talk to her. Beth, Susie, Ginny – whatever name takes your fancy. Make it a point to do even more if other people are around – especially her family and friends. You could go with versions of Catherine, Katerina, Cathy, Kat, Kathryn, Katya, Kitty, Kit, Katie, Kathy, and Kay at that time. Everything but her right name. She’ll remember your correct given name for the rest of her life.”



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“It’s not that she forgets, I’m sure. She has just decided that you should be called Andrea and expects you to roll with it. I would tell her: “I know you know my name is not Andrea. I expect you to call me by my name.” Keep. repeating. “


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