Although naming a baby is solely a parent’s right, nobody should end up giving a stupid name to their newborn only for them to get ridiculed over it for the rest of their life!

A netizen recently asked, “Am I a jerk for shutting down my sister’s opinion about our baby name?”. Here’s the full story for you to decide.


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Okay, here’s the situation. The Original Poster (OP) (25M) is expecting a daughter in November with his fiance, Clair. OP’s name is Cody, so they’d like to keep the C theme going. If we have a boy later, he’ll be Charles after Clair’s grandpa.

“My fiance and I really like the name Keelee, but we’re spelling it Ceelee or Cheelee with a hard C to keep the theme.”, says OP.

The Problem

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The problem is OP’s sister Angie (28F).

She’s child-free, but she’s still very opinionated and judgemental about names. She strongly prefers traditional common names like Emma and Madeline, and she’s been very fussy about the names they picked.

What Happened Last Weekend

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Last weekend, OP and his fiance went to her and her boyfriend’s place for Memorial Day, and she took OP’s fiance Clair aside, supposedly to “help cut vegetables.” Actually, Angie just wanted to rip into OP’s fiance with her name opinions.

“She said we should forget about Cheelee. She said she’d already talked it over with our mom (Clair’s MIL), and ‘they’d decided that we should go with Catherine/ Catie instead’. Clair of course said hell no to that, and called me.”, says OP.

When OP Came In

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OP came in, and he told Angie they needed to go. In the car home, they called OP’s mom, but she wouldn’t admit to “agreeing” with Angie about belting the name. OP doesn’t think his family has veto power, it’s their choice as a couple and they should mind their own business.

“However, Angie has Asperger’s, and she’s the person in the family who says what everyone’s thinking, but no one will say.”, says OP.

What Did OP Ask?

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“If multiple people in the family hate this name, I worry that the negative vibe will impact our daughter. Am I a jerk for not taking family feedback into consideration?”, asks OP.

Please Don’t Do That To Your Kid

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“Not the jerk. But, please don’t do that to your kid. It will be mispronounced by every single person who reads it until the day she dies (and probably after) just so that it could begin with a ‘C’.”

It’s A Stupid Name!

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“You’re the jerk. Cheelee is a stupid name. You get to pick your kid’s name, but why would you set up that child for bullying? Picture that name on a resume. It’s ridiculous.”

Angie Is An Angel In Disguise

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“No jerks here, it is your kid after all, but your family isn’t wrong. I’m sorry, but that’s a terrible name, no one will ever pronounce it correctly. Everyone needs an Angie in their life, one person who will absolutely tell you something you’re about to do is just, dumb.”

Everyone’s In The Wrong

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“Everyone’s in the wrong. Your sister needs to stay in her lane. You need to not call a human being ‘Ceelee/Cheelee’ because there is zero chance that anyone will pronounce it ‘correctly’. I predict your daughter will shorten her name to C or Lee as soon as she can.”

Those Are Two Entirely Different Names

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“You’re the jerk. Ceelee will never be pronounced like Keelee. It’s two completely different names. There are plenty of other girls’ names that start with C. Please don’t do that to your child- do not put a burden on them from the day they are born.”

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