Is there something you find so delicious that it’s hard to believe it’s good for your health?

A netizen recently asked, “What tastes so good you can’t believe it’s healthy?”. Below are the top responses!


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“Watermelon, I have a hard time with regulation sometimes, and I’ve eaten a whole watermelon and regretted it!”


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“I used to not be able to eat them, and then one day, I tried chewing on them. It became one of my favorite fruits with mangoes and blueberries. It’s nice to know that such delicacies exist in nature!”


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“Yes! Sautee anything in garlic and butter, and it’s suddenly glorious!” 


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“Avocado with a sprinkle of salt,” said one. 

“My number one go-to snack food. I will eat avocados even without salt. Amazing”, another added. 


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“Golden Kiwis. I had only green kiwis all my life. Two weeks ago, I found out that isn’t the only kind. I’ve been eating 2 of these delicious fruits every day since.”


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“Sautéed mushrooms, especially when done with red wine and fresh garlic”, said one.

“The smell of sautéed mushrooms and onions is one of life’s greatest pleasures”, another added. 


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“Edamame. Just boil, drain, and add some salt. I like to put Tajin in mine; it makes me eat veggies”, said one.

“They’re so good and fun! I love to pop them out of the pods. Even my five-year-old thinks they’re a treat”, another added. 


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“Take a piece of salmon, spread harissa on top of it, and bake it in a foil parcel in the oven. Dear god, it’s wonderful.”


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“Good salads are delicious. I never thought I could genuinely be excited to eat a salad, but LA has changed my mind.” 


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“Local honey has a lot of health benefits. In small amounts, honey is quite good for you.”


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“That hippy ‘ice cream’ you make by putting frozen sliced bananas in a blender with a little milk. It’s so good.”


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“Perfectly ripened mango. I like them best when they are right off the tree, warmed by the sunshine. It makes me tremendously sad to know that some unlucky folks can be extremely allergic to them.” 


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“I had Greek yogurt for the first time recently, and it blew me away how good it was.” 


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“Jerk Chicken. It only dawned on me this summer that it’s healthy chicken, just a wide combo of herbs and spices and regular chicken. Not a lot of added sugar or salt or oils, and then you grill with some smoke.” 


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“Tacos! Honestly, they can be a healthy, lightweight dinner option that’s delicious!” 

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