Understanding what behavior crosses the line and makes someone creepy, especially regarding interactions with women, is essential.

A user asked, what makes a man “creepy” to women? and here is what women have to say: 

1. Failure To Respect Rejection

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Men who do not respect a woman’s rejection and persistently pursue her through nagging, love bombing, or stalking can appear creepy and intimidating, ultimately scaring the woman away.

“For not moving on when a girl rejects them. I have seen a lot of guys just keep on going and nag, love bombs, stalk, or worse because a girl rejected them, and that just scares the girl more. If you get rejected, move on, it’s not worth scaring her away, and life isn’t a romantic movie; no big gesture will change her mind; you just have to roll with the punches and be patient and confident, any decent guy can find a good girl to be with” said one.


2. Creepy Comments On Photos

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Leaving creepy comments on a woman’s photos, particularly on a specific body part like feet, can come across as inappropriate and creepy, making the woman uncomfortable and unwilling to engage.

“To me, a man is creepy when they leave thirsty comments on my pictures.” said one.

“Completely agree. Regarding the ‘being thirsty,’ the one that gets me is the feet comments. Absolutely nothing wrong with having a thing for feet at all. But leaving comments on a pic commenting on the woman’s feet is hella creepy. Look at any advert where you can see a woman’s foot, and almost all of the comments are thirsty guys commenting on how attractive they think her feet are.” another said.


3. Subconscious Cues

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Women often rely on their subconscious cues when identifying someone who feels creepy, even if they can’t pinpoint exactly why.

“It’s a vibe more than anything, and I have never changed my mind once someone felt creepy to me.” said one.

“Agree. Sometimes we pick up on cues unconsciously and can’t quite put our finger on them. It’s best to trust that spidey sense.” another added.


4. Unwanted Physical Contact

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Women can feel creeped out by unwanted physical contact, even if it’s seemingly harmless or well-intentioned. It’s important to always ask for explicit consent before touching someone.

“I had a seemingly nice guy offer to help carry a table up to my apartment, and I appreciated that, but then I did not appreciate it when he grabbed my butt without consent. NEVER touch someone without unambiguous consent.” a user said.

“The whole thing is creepy cause it makes me feel like they’re only hanging around me because they want to get into my pants. Oh, and touching without permission.” another said.


5. Not Accepting No As An Answer

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Women can feel uncomfortable and creeped out when a man doesn’t accept rejection, continues pursuing them, and doesn’t understand that no means no.

“There is this guy (B) at my job who’s 23 and has the biggest crush on this girl (M), who is 20. Not the worst age gap, but this guy constantly talks about wanting a girlfriend and being lonely. I get incel vibes from him. M gets with another guy, and S and B are angry. M is very uncomfortable around B. Even though M and S have been dating for a year, B still can’t accept his rejection. B purposefully puts himself in an area to be around M. One time, B took it too far, picked M up, and carried her around for a second. S was angry and immediately told our supervisors, but they couldn’t do much unless M wanted to report it.

The worst part is that B has also talked about potentially getting with another girl A who is 18. No one likes him, but he hasn’t crossed any other lines and can’t get fired. Boys, when a girl says no, she means no.”  a Redditor shared.


6. Disrespecting Personal Boundaries

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Women can feel creeped out when men disrespect their boundaries by attempting unwanted physical contact, making rude comments, or pursuing them after rejection.

“It’s all about boundaries. Every woman is different, but the broad lines never change, and the only difference between a creep and a noncreep is whether or not a man respects those boundaries.” said one.


7. Lurking And Staring

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Women can feel creeped out by men who stare at them intensely, as it can suggest a lack of respect for personal boundaries and a sense of ownership over them.

“I had to fire someone over this. A 62-year-old man would stare at women like a cartoon wolf. I warned him twice, but after the fourth complaint from coworkers and customers, I had to let him go.” a user said.

“Yeah, I agree, it’s all in the stare. Staring at me intensely implies that they think they own me. It’s a very early warning sign that this person lacks a sense of normal boundaries.” said another.


8. Ignoring Body Language

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Ignoring body language cues can make a man appear creepy when he continues to approach and cling to a visibly uncomfortable woman.

“He is creepy when he cannot read the environment and the body language of the woman in front of him and still proceeds to cling around the woman even when she’s visibly uncomfortable.” said one.

“Learn how to read a woman’s body language. If she likes you, she will lean closer or move toward you and will engage with you. She will genuinely laugh at what you’re saying. She will not make an excuse to escape from you, and she will flirt back. If she’s laughing uncomfortably, moving away from you, or being short with her responses, she is not interested. “ another said.


9. Flirting With Service Workers

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Flirting with service workers is not acceptable behavior. They are required to be nice to you, so it’s uncomfortable when you flirt with them. Men are expected to respect their boundaries and don’t do it.

“Flirting with a woman who is working. If you are flirting with someone whose job requires them to be nice to you, you are being creepy and putting her in an awkward situation. Please don’t do it.” a user said.


10. Talking Intimate Stuff

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If they talk about intimate a lot without getting to know me.” said one. 


11. Objectifying

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In my experience/opinion “creepy” is the term used for men (and sometimes women) who may or may not realize that their intent of objectify the other part is shining through.

It can be in words (like complimenting body parts uninvited) to behavior (staring intensely at body parts) to patterns of behavior (only liking bikini pictures of their female friends but not other pictures).” said one


12. Asking Too Much

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If you barely know him and he starts asking tons of personal questions back to back” says one.

It’s essential for men to understand what behaviors can make women uncomfortable and to respect their boundaries. What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree or disagree? Have you ever experienced any of these behaviors?

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