Starting a business in 2023 can be a great way to achieve your financial goals and be your boss. But with so many different business ideas, figuring out where to start can take time. A user asked on the forum, “What business are the best to start in 2023?”

Here are some responses he got!


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“Lemonade stands are recession-proof and have a low start-up cost.”


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“I recently started a house painting company with an initial investment of less than $1,000. The first house returned my initial investment and an additional $2000 profit, then gained more business simply through word of mouth and referrals from a contractor friend.

Over the last three months, I have netted about 10k/mo without advertising. The downside is that the easy money from exteriors is a seasonal opportunity, and I will need to gain more clients to line up interior jobs for the other seven months a year.”


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“Handyman or cleaning might be a good route. Do things under the table until you can invest in an LLC. Get legit, get insurance, and you will be good from there. You try and find people through social media, next door, task rabbit. Do good work, and the rest will come.”


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“I would buy a 3,000 van and 500 car washing products and launch a TikTok and Instagram page for car detailing. Then, I would spend 500-1000$ hiring people from Fiverr for everything I need (digital marketing, logo, etc…)

You can also communicate your services to local Facebook groups, and I would even say that you must do it because many customers will come from there. With the rest of the money, you can hire someone to work with you for at least the first month, and the day you have 5+ cars to wash, remember me, lol.”


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“I started an AI agency with no funds. I.sell to one niche, with thousands of other possibilities – I now sell the start-up packages.”


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“This depends on your skills and personal preference. But with time and low capital requirements, I suggest considering business models like productized services or data lists.”


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“Start a YouTube channel if you are willing to put work in and put quality content. Low budget, good if you are starting on a low budget. Later on, you can advance to a certain niche in e-commerce or blogging, try to land a Google Ads for revenue.”


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“For some higher business level, I’d say the food business is always good (be it truck food, food-to-go, a small restaurant, and such, but be aware today it is all about quality and being different from the rest a bit, offering something new, like better guest service and relationship, or different food taste and similar).

Needs a bit of investing and more time, but for me, it seems like a fun business to run!”


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“Minimal funds will get in your way every step of the way. The best place to start for someone recently unemployed is to make the skills you used during employment available as a contractor.

Build an online portfolio, hit up your professional network, and check listings for contractors or temps.”


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“If you are interested in technology, reselling a renowned SAAS product could be highly rewarding. For example, you can resell Bitrix24 CRM or Zoho products and get up to 50% commission.

They are quite popular. People always buy them. You can also look for other SAAS reseller programs on Google.”

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