Earning an extra income through side hustles is becoming easier day by day!

An internet user asked, “What’s a good side hustle to generate an extra $1,000/month?”. Have a look at the top responses below!


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“I make about $800-1200 a month doing inventory work for car dealerships on Saturdays and Sundays. Try to find a parts counter job near you that operates on weekends. It’s straightforward work.” 


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“I made $2k a month doing Instacart last winter (I own a seasonal company). This year, I’m going to try Goshare.co since I have a truck.”


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“Wedding vendors, whether photo, video, DJ (Disc Jockey), coordinator, food cart, Charcuterie boards, custom desserts, tent/chair rentals, decorating, calligraphy, so many options. 

I do video and make $8k a month filming 2 to 3 weddings, and I spend a few days editing them/marketing myself. I also work 9-5. Very doable.”


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“Yard cleanup things like leaf blowing, debris after storms, etc. Power washing, hanging Christmas lights (people pay a lot for this).”


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“I also have to recommend Uber. So people say it isn’t a good gig, but I got laid off, and I’ve been doing it on the side. I do it five days a week, around 6 hours a day, averaging two grand a month.”


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“Clothing flipping. I’ve mentioned it before, but at the peak with local and online sales, I think I made almost $2k a week once, but online was a consistent $1k the entirety.” 


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“Serving tables. Most restaurants want weekend help anyway.”


carpet install repair
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“Go to yard sales on Friday, pick wisely, offer low, and put it up online till it sells. Spend your free time cleaning up the items and doing basic repairs to make them work well.”


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“Amazon influencer program. I use it to build content for affiliate marketing.”


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“McDonald’s. I’ve seen signs they are offering $20.00 per hour. I’m not sure if they have part-time and flexible schedules or not. 

Most places I know seem to want you at their beck and call, so it is hard to do. I always wondered how people manage multiple jobs. Just the same 50 hours at a fast food joint will get you $1000.”


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“Etsy dropshipping. Hit $1k+ profit within 1/2 months if you set up everything correctly.”


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“Look for a part-time low-stress job. I work the front desk at a local hotel/hostel just a couple of days a week and enjoy it, and it’s not stressful at all. I live in an expensive city with higher wages, so I easily pull in $1k/month doing this.”


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“I bought a 3D printer and started selling stuff. I make about $2k-2.5k a month after fees. 3D printing is easy; the harder part is finding what to sell.”


middle school teacher
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“Substitute teacher. In my district, you would get $1000 in 6.5 days.”


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“I use Rover and Care for dog walking/sitting jobs. I make as much as I did in my 50+ hour-a-week director job. I book them the first time in the app and then take cash once I know they’re cool.”

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