What if you helped your partner find a job, only for it to turn out to be a disastrous decision?

A netizen recently shared an incident, saying, “Helping my husband get a job at a startup lawn care company is the worst mistake I ever made.”

OP’s Husband’s Struggles At Finding Work

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The Original Poster’s (OP’s) husband has been having an extremely rough go at finding work since March. Jobs are either not offering liveable wages or during multiple interviews of his, he’s been told “We’re not actually hiring, we’re just trying to get people lined up for when a spot opens”.

The Opportunity Came Knocking Over

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So when a friend of OP let them know about the lawn care company her friend started at the beginning of the year and that her friend wanted to hire him, they were thrilled.

The work was great, the pay was great, and they were talking about adding health insurance to the company.

“Everything seemed to be taking off exceptionally well. We even attended a party at the boss’s house less than 2 weeks ago to celebrate the success of how quickly the company was taking off with clientele.”, says OP.

Dreams Shattered Last Night

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This was until 10 PM last night. OP received a call from her friend, who sounded devastated, letting OP know her husband needed to find new work. She let OP know that she’d just discovered that the company was bankrupt.

Boss Took Out 50k Loan

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The boss had taken out a 50k loan to start up the business. She spent some on a new truck and the equipment needed to work. However, over the last few months, she’s spent the rest on purchasing lavish gifts, paying for lavish vacations, and spending money in every way she possibly could.

The money the boss was collecting from clients, she was adding into her personal bank account and using to spend as she pleased. Including, but not limited to, dipping into the payroll. Which has left her unable to – as of this week – pay OP’s husband for his work last week.

More Scandalous Information

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“My friend also informed me that the boss (again, her friend) didn’t even pay her last week.

My friend then informed me that she found out that her friend didn’t even actually register her business in our state, nor was she actually insured. All things in which she’d told my friend she had properly done.”, says OP.

The boss had been taking out taxes on everyone’s wages, which she was just pocketing – something else OP’s friend discovered last night.

What Next?

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OP’s friend’s friendship with her boss has obviously come to an abrupt end and now they’re exploring the legal options they should pursue should the boss choose to not pay OP’s husband this Friday as they are currently anticipating.

“Needless to say, this is probably the craziest thing we’ve ever dealt with. I also feel guilty for helping him get the job, although none of us were aware of what the boss was doing behind closed doors. Of course, he doesn’t blame me or anyone but the boss.

Anyway, I just felt this was the right place to share this absolutely insane story.”, says OP.

The Government Is Very Aggressive On That Front

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“You may be amused to know that the government is very aggressive on that front. Payroll taxes are deemed to be paid by the employee to the government the moment they are withheld, and the fact that an employer has their hands on them until the quarterly payment is due means the feds view this as theft. From them. Also, they are aggressive about collecting their money.”

OP wants to know what can they do next in this situation.

Sounds Like A Business Opportunity

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“Sounds like a business opportunity. All those clients are going to be looking for a new lawn care company soon.”

She’s Not Worth Pursuing

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“Honestly I’d ask her to sign over ownership of all the equipment and the truck as payment for wages owed and for you not to sue. Quickly start and register an LLC online and your husband has a new business with clients he already knows.

She’s not worth pursuing, especially once the IRS gets a hold of her. I’d try to wash your hands off her as quickly as possible.”

It’s Not Even That Much Money

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“50k isn’t even that much money in the grand scheme of things. What a really short-term and stupid situation the owner put themselves in. Like a complete jerk. I hope it works out for the husband at minimum to get back their stolen wage.”

Consider Opening Up Your Own LLC

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“Seriously consider opening up your own LLC with your husband and go back to the clients he’s worked on and make them your clients or encourage him to do it on his own.

I quit my full-time job to start my own business and honestly, it is stressful at times but rewarding knowing that it’s my work that brings satisfaction to people.

The money goes towards my family, those who work for me on certain gigs and investing back into my business. Your husband will find and feel a great purpose if he pursues this.”

This Is A Huge No No

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“This is a huge no-no. Your withholding is called a trust tax because you’re trusting them to withhold it and forward it to the government.

The IRS does not play with this nonsense. They might be interested in knowing more.”

They’re Screwed

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“They lifted the corporate veil. Bankruptcy for small businesses isn’t easy. They’re personally and professionally screwed.”

You Need A Lawyer

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“Lawyer. You need a law firm that specializes in business fraud.”

Start A Company

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“Get the client list. Start a company and do everything that he’s able to do except for what needs very expensive equipment. The clients are gonna be looking for an alternative.”

This Is Absolutely Not Your Fault

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“First of all, this is absolutely not your fault. Not your husbands, not your friends. It is the owners’ fault for breaking the law.

I’m sorry to work out this way. I hope he gets his check as usual.”

Ex-Boss Could Be Going To Jail

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“Ex-boss could be going to jail. The government does not look kindly on people who withhold taxes from employees but don’t hand it over every quarter.

Or those who obtain a loan for business equipment and purposes and then use it for a vacation; that’s called fraud.”

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