Earning money to live your dream life is a noble pursuit, but if you’re still not living that life despite your financial means, is it truly worth the effort?

A user took the forum and asked,  What is your LEAST frugal habit/expense? Here are the top responses. 


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“Personal Trainer. It’s an extortionate amount, quadruple what I’ve paid other trainers or gym programs, but this is the first time I’ve been pain-free for seven years, and you can’t put a price on that.”


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“Massages. Fresh fruit. Fancy cheese.” “Massages are so worth it; my partner and I started getting them last year, and we go every three or so months. So many health and wellness benefits.”

“Before I married, I would go for a 90-minute massage every 3-4 weeks. This cost was no worse than a night out on the town with friends and much more relaxing. If the place I went didn’t become a Covid casualty, I’d still be going. I brought my wife once, then she started going on her own too!”


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“Green tea. Some incredible stuff right from Japan for $30-40 more than your average tea, but it’s noticeably more delicious in so many ways.”


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“Shoes. Have RA ( Rheumatoid arthritis) that affects joints in feet, and comfy, supportive shoes are invaluable. Can argue that’s frugal as a concept, but where it becomes my least frugal is my desire to have multiple colors and styles when I could be in comfort with just one pair.”


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“I save money cooking at home for most meals, bringing a lunch every day to work, buying everything reasonable that I can use, or tracking prices for a discount so that I can blow the excess on a trip.

Wrapping up two weeks on the west coast now, and expenses still hurt, but it’s been a fantastic break from reality!”


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“Travel. Fondest memories are places I’ve been.”


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“My dog. She is older. Larger, eats science diet sensitive stomach. I give her bully sticks almost daily. Very expensive. But it’s 100% worth it.” 


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“Gifts…when I’m buying gifts for family and friends, I can’t help going a little overboard.”


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“Viva Paper Towels. I love the feeling. I use them sparingly ( I prefer to use old clothes and rags) but will always buy them without substitutions. It’s my one “splurge.”


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“I’m taking my teen to see Harry Styles. It costs an arm and a leg. But we are so excited to be doing something so big. It’s not a “habit,” though.”


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“Vacations. They are few and far between, but I love experiencing new places and cultures more than anything. I’m frugal in many areas, so I can save up for nice international trips.

That, and as someone else said here fresh produce. I’m spending like $40 a week on produce alone for my wife and me; it’s ridiculous. I like to tell myself the health benefits will outweigh the cost.”


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“I regrow my green onions. It started off as a windowsill experiment, and then one time, I was about to leave on a trip, so I planted everything outside, and now I have an entire garden of green onions. These resilient bubs even keep me fed in the winter.”


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“I am so careful with every dime I spend… except for my weekly groceries. I haven’t prepared a list. I don’t look at the sales flyers, and I don’t keep a pantry stocked with low-cost basics that can be used to prep different meals; I don’t use coupons (often).

My only frugal behavior on groceries is that I’ve stopped buying junk foods unless they are deeply discounted, and I buy whichever meat is on sale and use that for my dinners that week.”


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“I’m self-employed and have a “company policy” that I buy myself a bottle of bubbly every time a client pays an invoice. Some clients take forever to pay, so if the bills have piled up, I ignore policy (but have a stern HR-type chat with myself about following the rules).

If finances are up to date, and I’ve met my savings goal for the month, I’ll buy a little something to celebrate with. I buy real champagne (the French stuff) for my birthday or Christmas, but I can get a decent bottle of bubbly for ~$20, which is my idea of a splurge, especially if I do it 2 or more times in a month.”


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“Experiences, I just paid for orchestra tickets for my group so we can have a fantastic night on the town and I bought a new dress for the occasion.

I love my free hobbies, but some things in life just aren’t free, and I can’t put a price on building memories with my friends. You better believe I shopped around for that dress, though, and snagged a winner with a steep discount because of a small mark on the inner lining. No one even sees the lining!” 

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