While technically legal, certain activities, like driving recklessly on the Autobahn, exchanging an unsatisfactory purchase, or exploring the park for hidden caches, can trigger feelings of guilt or transgression.

A user asked, What feels illegal but isn’t?

1. Passing The Cop

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“Passing a cop driving slow in front of you.”

2. First Ever Surgery

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“According to a friend, the first few times you perform surgery. No matter how much training and schooling and certification he went through, he still couldn’t help but feel like there was something wrong with the fact that he was allowed to cut into another human being and do stuff to their insides.”

3. Driving Fast and Overtaking Police Vehicles

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“Driving with 100mph or more on the German autobahn, overtaking police vehicles. Feels wrong, but perfectly legal.”

4. Buying Groceries and Taking Them To Another Store

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“Buying groceries from one store, then going to another store with them.”

5. Student Versions

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“Getting a student version of a product that lasts for four years when you only have one more month as a student.”

6. Geocaching

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“Geocaching. It’s a pretty straight-edge activity that follows every law. The only thing is you look suspicious as hell doing it. A cop pulled us over after we left a park because he thought I had hidden something in a tree. I had to take him back and explain geocaching.”

7. Driving NewBorn

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“Driving your firstborn home from the hospital. You don’t even have to SIGN for the child. They walk you to your car, check that your car seat is legal, then……………. the rest of your life happens. I never drove so carefully in my life.”

8. Returning Working Products

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“Returning something for a full refund even though the thing works for the reason of “didn’t like it.”

9. Renting Booking Without Paying Fines

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“Taking out more books from the library when you have overdue fines.”

10. Driving the First Time

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“Driving on your own the first time after you’ve gotten your license”

11. Videos For Police

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“Videotaping police officers.”

12. Smoking Indoors

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“Smoking indoors in countries where it’s still legal to smoke indoors.”

13. Walking Out Of A Store Without Buying

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“Walking into a grocery store and casually strolling past the security guard after not buying anything.”

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