Escaping an abusive home environment is a daunting yet crucial step towards reclaiming your safety and well-being. As an 18-year-old embarking on this journey, pursuing the right career path can empower you to achieve financial independence and establish a fulfilling new life.

A user asked on the forum, “What career path would be best to flee an abusive situation at home at 18?”

Here are some responses he got!


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“A job with a cruise line would include room and board.…. It might be a career, but it would cover the basics and let you put more money in the bank to pursue a trade or other schooling.”


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“Flight attendant jobs are great for single people without children or pets. It gets tricky if you factor in a relationship or major responsibility, but you sound like a great candidate! I’ve always thought it would be an enjoyable job because I love to travel.”


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“If I were young, I would do it in a heartbeat. We’re lucky that California is so large you can live and work in Yosemite during the spring/summer, then come back down to work the ski resorts in the winter. We also have ships that carry staff up to Alaska, too. Once you are in, you can switch states to other national parks.”


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“Military. Enlist in either the Coast Guard or Air Force.”


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“They have an amazing program for young adults! They provide housing or a housing stipend. They will relocate you. They will give you experience that will help you get ahead if you want to get a job with the federal government. They give you a living allowance. And sooooo many more benefits. I wish I had known about this as a young adult.”


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“Are you interested in construction or the trades? Apprentices start at 20 for most of the trades, and guys who are five years in can make six figures when they travel. Per diem is provided for hotels. There’s a lot of solar construction in the desert in CA.”


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“Go work at a Club Med, and you’ll also have a place to live.”


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“I know this might be difficult, but if you report the abuse and go through that process, there are resources for victims. My friend and I have received some help through unrelated things we went through. “Victims services” provides different kinds of resources.”


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“Get some certificate courses like plumbing or HVAC or electrician. You won’t regret.”


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“Become a live-in babysitter or au pair.”


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“Healthcare, via the military branch of your choice. Healthcare people are needed everywhere.”


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“This is your quickest ticket to 100k+ salary.”

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