The thin line between expectations and entitlement lies in the understanding that while you may have expectations, you are not inherently entitled to them. We have one such interesting story for you! 

A Redditor approached the AITA forum and asked, “Am I wrong for not giving a promised wedding present because I was uninvited?”


The Original Poster (OP), a 32-year-old individual, was invited to attend the wedding of an acquaintance named Molly a few months ago. Despite not being close to Molly or her fiancé, OP was enthusiastic about attending as he enjoys weddings.

OP had a successful career and a generous spirit, which led him to promise a custom-made gaming PC to Molly and her fiancé as a wedding gift.

Despite not being close to the couple, OP was excited about the opportunity to splurge and give a memorable gift. After speaking with Molly and her fiancé, he agreed on a custom-built gaming PC as the perfect gift, given the couple’s interest in gaming. 

The couple expressed their gratitude to OP for his generosity. The gift was valued at over $1500, not including the monitor that OP offered to have.

Two months before Molly’s wedding, she informed OP that he had to be uninvited to the wedding as part of a cost-cutting measure. Although Molly apologized and explained that it was solely due to budget constraints, OP was disappointed but decided to let it go. 

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What Happened Next?

However, a mutual acquaintance later revealed to OP that Molly had cut him from the guest list to make room for some of the groom’s family who had decided to attend. Feeling angry and betrayed, OP retracted the promised gift of a custom-made gaming PC for the couple.

Despite not attending the wedding, Molly texted OP two weeks after the ceremony and asked when the promised gift would arrive. OP requested a phone call and informed Molly he had changed his mind about giving her the present because he did not attend the wedding. 

Molly accused OP of being petty and holding a grudge over being unable to attend the wedding.

After OP decided not to give Molly the promised gift due to being uninvited to her wedding, she called him a petty jerk and complained to their mutual friend group. In response, OP explained the whole story to a few select people. 

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What OP’s Friends Thought?

Some friends agreed with OP’s decision, while others argued that weddings often force people to make tough, not necessarily personal, choices. Despite the disagreement, the tension between Molly and OP remained.

OP started to doubt himself, wondering if he was being petty. However, he still felt that Molly had lied to him by uninviting him from the wedding while expecting an expensive gift. The situation left OP feeling conflicted and unsure about what to do next.

OP asks, “Am I wrong?”

What do you think? Was OP right in deciding not to give the gift anymore? Was it inappropriate for Molly to call him a jerk over this?

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