Some people seem to desperately need to experience the consequences of their own actions.

A netizen recently shared an incident, saying, “Jerk neighbor broke into my vehicle and stole my stuff so I returned the favor.” To know what exactly happened, keep on reading!

Some Background

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The Original Poster (OP) rented a duplex in his early twenties. His neighbor was a wannabe gangster type and made the mistake of breaking into OP’s vehicle one night.

“I had a small SUV with a removable soft top so the neighbor figured it would be easy pickings to just peel back the top and help himself to my stereo, amplifier, CD and some other misc stuff.”, says OP.

OP Found Out Everything

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OP discovered the break-in early in the morning after it occurred. OP knew for certain who the culprit was. They were not in a heavily populated area and OP’s neighbor was well known for thievery.

OP’s Mastermind Plan

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OP waited around for him to leave his place and when the opportunity arose, OP went around the back of the house and looked through the bedroom window to find that sure enough OP’s stuff was sitting right on the floor in there.

“I instinctively tried the window and as luck would have it the sash went right up. Bingo! I hopped through and quickly surveyed the items lying around. It occurred to me that I could get some excellent revenge here if I played it right.

So, rather than just recoup my stuff and wind up in a fight over it, I borrowed a marker and proceeded to write my name on all my stuff and also a few choice items of his just for good measure. I then climbed back out the window and waited…”, says OP.

When The Neighbor Finally Came Back

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When the neighbor finally came back, OP called for some police presence and explained to them how his vehicle got robbed and he knew it was the neighbor due to seeing through the window.

They knock on his door and OP can still remember the look on his face seeing OP and the cop standing there. He was not even close to ready for the encounter and almost certainly had drugs on him so he was very cooperative given the circumstances.

OP politely explained that he knew he broke into OP’s vehicle and OP needed him to return his stuff immediately or he would have to press charges.

The Wannabe Gangster Gets Played Out

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He went and retrieved OP’s things and OP pointed out his name written on them to the officer.

“I asked about my other stuff while he looked back puzzled and dumbfounded. I rattled off the other couple of ‘choice items’ of his that I also put my name on earlier. The look on his face while he handed over his stuff to me while the cop was standing there was priceless.”, says OP.

Now, OP wants to know if this was right on his part to do so?

The Legendary Level Petty Revenge

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“This is legendary-level petty revenge. I can only imagine how great that WHAT THE HELL look on his face was.”

This Sounds Familiar

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“That was the plot in the movie, what’s the worst that could happen with Martin Lawrence and Danny Devito.”

Getting Eric Cartman Vibes Here!

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“This is amazing, for some reason, it gives me Eric Cartman vibes. Well played.”

Well Played Sir

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“Sheesh! Your neighbor was playing checkers and you out here playing 3d chess well played sir, very impressive!”

That Was Beyond Me!

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“How you thought putting your name on his stuff and then taking them would prevent a fight is beyond me, but awesome nonetheless.”

The Best Karma Ever

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“That would have to be the best karma ever! Hands down that move needs an Oscar award.”

Hope He Learned His Lesson

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“This is crazy, I hope you’re alright and safe, but if he is a wannabe gangster maybe he learned to not mess around.”

What A Wonderful Strategy!

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“What a wonderful way to assert dominance. Hope you maintained eye contact throughout LOL”

Beyond Impressed

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“I am beyond impressed. I have a little bit of an evil mind, but that was fantastic.”

It’s Hilarious Except For This One Thing

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“This is hilarious except for the fact that now you live next to an emotionally unstable man who you said is a wannabe gangster who YOU now have just robbed. Good luck with sleeping and stuff.”

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