Betrayal from a best friend is especially painful, so she refused to forgive.

A user asked the forum, “Am I a jerk for walking out of a wedding I was a part of and “ruining” the day?”. Let’s read the complete story to know what happened.


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The Original Poster (OP) dated her ex-boyfriend “John” for four years and got serious enough that they started planning for their future with weddings, kids, etc.

She thought they were pretty happy, but her boyfriend dumped her suddenly last year.


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She tried to figure out what went wrong but he said it was “personal” and that she should respect his space.


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OP says that during this time, her best friend “Stacy” and her fiancé “Tom” were her rocks, letting her crash at their place and just being overwhelmingly supportive and loving.

When Stacy asked her to be her maid of honor, she thought it was a no-brainer and happily took on the task.


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Fast forward to what happened this weekend: the morning of the wedding, Tom asked OP to meet him for breakfast early in the morning before the festivities.


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She thought it was weird but assumed he maybe wanted her to pass something on to Stacy.

Instead Tom let her know that a few days prior, Stacy admitted to him that she had an affair with John, which led to OP’s breakup.


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He said that Stacy wanted to come clean to “start their marriage fresh” and that he was forgiving her to move forward.

She says he had gone back and forth between telling her and finally decided to spill the beans.


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She guessed he had expected her to forgive Stacy, too, because the affair was “so long ago.”

OP says that the opposite happened, and she just walked out on the wedding.


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It ended up causing a huge mess because she was running the whole show.

She added that Stacy made her do everything so she didn’t even know what was happening at certain times or who to call.


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Not only that, but everyone realized that the MOH wasn’t there. Stacy had head shots and bios of the party on her wedding page, and news of the affair eventually got out because her cousin knew John.


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She says that Stacy and Tom have been slandering her online now, saying that she ruined their once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Some of their friends are on their side, saying that OP should have handled the situation more privately and at least stuck out the wedding since it was so last minute.

OP personally doesn’t know what Tom expected, but either way, she has been getting bombarded with texts, and she heard that Stacy has been so upset she’s had to take time off work, which does make her feel like a jerk, especially since she has just been ignoring her calls.

Now OP wants to know if this is her fault?


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“Not a jerk on this one. Was walking out of the wedding the day of a nice thing to do? Not particularly. But what on Earth did they expect would happen by telling you about it on the wedding day?

They knew they were playing with fire. They choose when to tell you this information. Simply walking out – because whoa, nelly, I bet there were a ton of conflicting emotions – was a pretty adult. You didn’t cause a huge scene. You simply extricated yourself from the situation.”


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“Your BEST friend has an affair with your then fiancé. He breaks up with you over it, canceling your happily ever after.

She asks you to be her MOH, but everyone is upset with you because you found out about the affair, and you can’t suck it up for a few hours to make HER day great to start her happily ever after.”


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“The person you call your best friend went behind your back and betrayed you. The Karma came right back to her like a boomerang.”

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