Redditor took to the forum and asked, “Am I wrong for not inviting my daughter to dinner after she called my girlfriend a gold digger?


The Original Poster (OP) has never been close to his daughter. After OP and his wife divorced, the daughter was 13 years old. 

OP saw his daughter once every 2-3 months, mostly on birthdays or holidays, and OP blames himself for that. After the divorce, OP went into a mid-life crisis, although he was only in his early 30s. Over the last few years, OP dated quite a few women, but he wouldn’t class any of those relationships as “serious.” Six months ago, he started dating his current girlfriend.

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About six weeks ago, OP invited most of his family to dinner, including his daughter, his siblings, their parents, and his parents. OP felt like their relationship was at a point where he wanted to introduce her as his girlfriend to the family. And everyone seemed to like her; they had a fun dinner. 

But then, after a few glasses of wine OP and his daughter got into a minor argument. During that argument, she called OP’s girlfriend a gold digger. The argument resulted in the daughter leaving the dinner prematurely and ruining the overall experience for everyone.

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What Happened Next?

OP knew that one of the reasons that his girlfriend was with him was because of money, and OP felt that everyone else in the family knew that, too; in the same way, one of the reasons OP was with his girlfriend was her looks. 

Last weekend OP threw a small indoor BBQ dinner at his house and invited most of his family, a few friends, and some of his girlfriend’s friends. But OP didn’t ask his daughter, and she didn’t like his girlfriend, and OP didn’t want a repeat of the last situation.

However, when his daughter found out she wasn’t invited, she sent OP some angry messages calling him a “selfish, narcissistic prick.” And for whatever reason, one of OP’s sisters took OP’s daughter’s side and said that OP should have invited her.

OP wants to know if he is wrong? 

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What do People Have To Say?

Redditors tagged him as the jerk. One of them says, “By your own admission, your current girlfriend is a gold digger. So why are you so offended that your daughter, who you barely have a relationship with, pointed out the obvious?” 

So you’re acknowledging that she’s with you at least partly for your money… but your daughter doesn’t have the right to share that opinion? Enjoy being a sugar daddy, I guess, since it’s clear you don’t have any interest in a real relationship with your kid.” added another.

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Should OP have invited his daughter to the party even though she didn’t like his girlfriend, or was he right in not asking her? What would you do in this situation?

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