Pregnancy is a delicate time in a woman’s life, and it’s crucial to have the unwavering support of your spouse to navigate the physical and emotional changes that come with it. 

But where do you draw the line? A Redditor approached the forum and asked, “Am I wrong for shutting off the home wi-fi so my wife would stop working?”


The Original Poster (OP) is a 35-year-old male who has been married to his 30-year-old wife, Jen, for three years, and before that, they dated for six years.

She was also eight months pregnant with twins. She was OP’s best friend, and he adores her, with one minor flaw she had been a substantial workaholic/perfectionist.

While they both had well-paying jobs, Jen’s job was way more stressful and time-demanding. Even though she was brilliant and excellent at what she did, she often worked around the clock, putting in 60-hour weeks at home and in the office.

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That wasn’t a problem before, but about two weeks ago, Jen’s doctor advised her to take a step back from work and get leave early because the stress was starting to cause her a couple of health issues, even though the babies were fine.

However, being a workaholic, she had still been working from her laptop for 6-8 hours every day. That was fine; OP understood that she had a couple of cases to finish. But most days, she was so focused on work that she forgot to eat meals and fell asleep at her desk.

The next day when OP got home, he realized she had done the same thing again. She was sleeping at her desk, and OP woke her up and told her she needed to rest in bed. She insisted she was fine and said there was an emergency with a client and needed to finalize some things for a coworker.

OP asked her to take a break first and suggested that she nap and eat, but she insisted on finishing her work first and said that it wouldn’t take her more than an hour. OP reluctantly agreed but set a time limit of no longer than an hour, even though he was pretty annoyed.

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What Happened Next?

Two hours later, when she was still working, OP became frustrated and unplugged the WiFi and put the cable out of sight. The only purpose was to cut her off from work on her laptop because she had no intention of stopping.

Once she realized what OP had done, she yelled at OP and called him a jerk, and accused OP of treating her like a child. She said that OP had been controlling, condescending, and borderline abusive.

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OP told her she was irrational and should let the coworker who asked for her help handle that. OP said that she was free to use the mobile hotspot on her phone or figure out the router herself, but otherwise, OP would plug it back in when he woke up.

She was so mad that she slept in the guest room, and when OP went to apologize the following day for calling her stupid, she said that she couldn’t even look at OP. She hasn’t said another word to OP since.

What is your opinion on the actions OP took in the story towards her pregnant workaholic wife? What would you do in this situation?

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