A man’s refusal to give his dying sister his mom’s engagement ring reveals his deep-seated beliefs.

A user asked, “Am I wrong for saying my terminally ill stepsister can’t have my mom’s engagement ring?”. Read the complete story to know who is wrong.


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The Original Poster’s mom died when he was 7.

Before she died, she gave OP’s uncle and her brother the engagement ring their grandma bought for her. It was for OP whenever he wanted to give it to a future fiancée or daughter.

OP’s Dad Remarried

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OP’s dad remarried when he was 10, and his wife had two daughters.

Evelyn was 12, and Amy was 3. OP is not close to either Evelyn or Amy, but there are no hard feelings.

What happened Recently?

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Evelyn was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last month. Her boyfriend proposed to her, and she had mentioned wanting my mom’s engagement ring because of how pretty it was.

Evelyn Wanted The Ring

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Her boyfriend told OP’s dad’s wife, and OP’s dad’s wife told OP’s dad.

All three told OP, Evelyn wanted the ring and said OP would get it back in a few months when she’s gone, but it would be nice to fulfill this wish of hers given the circumstances.

What Did OP Do?

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OP said she could not have the engagement ring, but OP would give them a photo to replicate it. They didn’t like that OP said no to giving her a ring.

What Did They Say?

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They told OP that he is denying his dying sister a family ring.

OP says, “I told them she is not my sister, and it’s not her family ring. It’s my family ring; Evelyn has nothing to do with it. I asked how she knew about it, and Dad said she had seen photos of it over the years.

He showed her the drawings that were made of the ring and the photos that my mom had kept around. He thought showing the girls that were a nice bonding moment when they were young.”

Wife Pleads

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OP’s dad’s wife pleaded. She even had Evelyn write a letter for OP to read saying how much she’d love to wear it and get married wearing it. OP’s answer was still no.

OP says, “I am getting an earful from the three of them (dad, his wife, Evelyn’s fiance). Am I wrong here?”

What do you think? Here is what others have to say:

You Won’t Get The Ring Back

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“You will not get that ring back. Her fiancé or her mom will say it means so much to them. You are not wrong”

A Replica Should Have Worked

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“I agree! She’s not even planning on giving it back after the wedding! OP’s dad, stepmother, step-soon-to-be BIL, and stepsister are all trying to emotionally blackmail him into giving her something that she’s not even entitled to!

She has no sentimental ties to the ring, so I don’t see why a replica isn’t suitable. OP, make sure you put that ring somewhere safe, like a safe deposit box in a bank, so neither can take it!”

This is Emotional Blackmail

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“And this being the case, a replica should be perfect enough. There’s no reason to insist on the original ring. They’re just trying to guilt trip OP so the fiancé can cheap out on this short-lived engagement. You are not a jerk.”

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