A couple’s minor disagreement over their 7-year-old daughter’s innocent behavior with her friend spirals into a heated argument about their core values and beliefs, revealing deep-seated insecurities and unresolved conflicts.

A user took to forum and asked, “Am I wrong for not punishing my seven-year-old daughter for her play relationships?”


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The Original Poster (OP) and her husband have a 7-year-old daughter named Layla who, a few months ago, got a “boyfriend” named Lucas. Layla and Lucas, both seven years old, had a trusting relationship where they held hands and exchanged Valentine’s Day gifts, such as drawing hearts for each other.

What Happened Last Week

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Last week, Layla was holding hands with another boy – who also sent Layla a valentine’s day love letter – and Lucas took offense to it. OP and her husband found out because Lucas’ parents called to tell them that Lucas won’t be coming over to OP’s as planned because he was mad at Layla.

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What Happened Next?

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OP’s husband wanted to punish Layla and wanted OP to talk with her about faithfulness. At first, OP thought he was joking, but no, he was serious.

He said that Layla cheated on Lucas and OP, as her mother, should do something about that.

What Did OP Say

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OP informed her husband that Layla is only seven years old and should not be labeled as a cheater for her actions. OP disagreed with punishing Layla and refused to treat her daughter as a cheater. However, her husband accused her of raising a cheater and encouraging bad behavior. OP wonders if she is wrong for not wanting to punish Layla.

OP wants to know if she is wrong for not punishing Layla for her actions. 

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What Did Others Say?

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Others quoted OP as not the jerk

“She’s 7. It’s ridiculous to call her a “cheater.” At the same time, you can sit her down and explain why Lucas is upset and doesn’t want to see her. That’s more than enough of a lesson. NTA.” said one.

An Explanation is Enough

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“Not wrong. An explanation is appropriate, but not an accusation or punishment. Kind of worried about her husband.” another said.

“Your husband’s reaction to it is strange.” another added.

It is Extreme

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“Oh lord, punishing her is extreme, but chatting about why Lucas is upset with her seems like a good idea. Not a jerk, for not wanting to punish her.” a user said.

What do you think? Was OP right in not punishing her? Was in inappropriate for OP’s husband to ask for punishment and labeling his daughter a “cheater”? What are your thoughts on this situation? How would you handle it?

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