Daughter’s Dress Ruined by Niece “Intentionally”, Mom Demands Reimbursement. We Think Her Daughter Deserved It.

A user asked the forum, Am I a jerk for letting my daughter wear an expensive dress to my sister’s house?



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The original poster ( OP ), her husband, and their 15-year-old daughter Georgia went to her sister’s place for lunch that weekend. Georgia was very bright. 



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She completed her exams early and is now studying more advanced material. She’s a big fashionista, a lot more than OP was at that age.

She loves pretty clothes and outfits, and OP and her husband are happy to get her as much as they can, provided she behaves well and keeps up good grades.



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The lunch with her sister was fairly casual, but Georgia wore her new pink dress.



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OP says that her sister wasn’t as well off as they were, unfortunately.  OP says that her sister was raising three children on her own, and her job isn’t a high paying one. 



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In the past, OP’s sister asked her if Georgia could “tone down” her outfits when they come to visit because she doesn’t want her kids to be upset because they can’t afford things like that.

OP does get her sister’s point, but it’s not down to her to police what Georgia wants to wear. 



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OP says that she has spoken to Georgia about it, but she left the final decision to her.

So they went for lunch, and Georgia ended up getting into an argument when her sister’s 13-year-old, Lucy, asked about the dress and where it was from.

 Georgia answered that it didn’t matter because Lucy couldn’t afford it anyway.



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They told Georgia to shut up as soon as the comment left her lips, but it soon ended up with Georgia and Lucy screaming at each other. OP’s sister made the kids vanilla milkshakes, and Lucy threw hers all over Georgia, ruining the dress.

 Georgia burst into tears, and to be fair, OP’s sister did bring her a change of clothes.

 OP said that if the dress was permanently ruined, she wanted her sister to reimburse them. 



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OP’s sister refused and said that it was their responsibility because OP’s daughter wore an expensive dress despite being warned not to.

OP says that the dress cost a couple of hundred, and washing it has failed to completely remove the stains. 

OP says that she doesn’t care about her sister’s warnings. 



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OP also says that they can’t make Georgia wear what she doesn’t want to, and it’s not their problem that she can’t control her child and stop her from ruining a beautiful dress. 



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“Normally, I would say otherwise due to the property being damaged, but not in this case. 1) you’ve already mentioned that your sister is not well off and struggles to provide for her three kids. 2) what your daughter said was extremely rude and a reflection of your parenting.

She most definitely deserved to have a vanilla milkshake thrown at her for saying such a rude thing. Take it to the dry cleaners and get it professionally cleaned. Be happy it was vanilla and not chocolate. Maybe this will teach your daughter to be a lot more humble.”



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“She is a minor which literally makes it your job to ‘police’ what she wears.

Your daughter’s comment was rude and disrespectful and reflected poorly on you and your husband, as well as her.

What do you do with your daughter’s old clothes? Do you give them to Lucy? All of my old clothes went to my younger cousin. And that had ZERO to do with income.

Learn some respect, and then teach your daughter.”



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“You are the jerk for thinking your poor sister had to reimburse you for a dress she asked you to not have your daughter wear.

Like… she asked you not to come to her house in flashy attire. Your daughter showed up in flashy attire and did something that messed up the dress. (Be pretentious)

This is by far the most petty thing I’ve read on this subreddit so far. Don’t go to someone’s house with your rich person gear on, be pretentious and get a drink spilled on it, then demand the poor people pay for it. It’s just gross.

One day you’re gonna die and realize right before that life isn’t about dresses, status, or things… It’s about family, friends, and the relationships you cultivate with other human beings. Apologize to your sister for acting above her, squash the beef, and mend the relationship before it’s too late.”


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