Rescinding a job offer after it has been accepted is not only unprofessional, but it also damages a company’s reputation and undermines its core values.

An internet user shared an incident where his job offer was rescinded. He left a negative review on Glassdoor and now, the company is asking him to take it down.

OP further explains the incident, “I interviewed with this company and went through 2 interview processes. I was sent a job offer 30 minutes after the 2nd interview. I’m ecstatic as it is a 40% pay increase for my current job. I accept, give my two weeks’ notice to my current employer and whatnot. I completed the onboarding HR sent me and signed everything last week.”.

What Happened Two Days Ago

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Two days ago, which would make a week exactly since OP signed the offer letter, he got an email saying they would not be able to move forward with OP’s offer due to “internal changes they had to remove the open position, but will keep OP’s resume on file.”

OP is at a loss for words because HE JUST put his two weeks in. OP begged his boss to try and keep him at his current employer but she told OP, HR could do nothing about it.

“So here I am, without a stable job because this company screwed me over.”, says OP.

The Glassdoor Review

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OP gave them a negative Glassdoor review about his experience and how the company left him jobless. OP got an email this morning from the company asking him to take down the negative review as it hurts their reputation.

“I don’t feel bad at all for what I’ve done since this company has left me without a job.”, says OP. Now OP wants to know if what he did was wrong.

That’s Literally What Glassdoor Is For

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“I mean, that’s literally what Glassdoor is for, so we can let other workers know our experiences with these not-so-good employers. You did the best thing you could, leave it up.”

They Deserve It!

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“Leave it up, they deserve to have their company look bad. What they did to you was terrible.”

Add Their Latest Email In Your Review As Well!

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“Update the review with their latest email.”, said one.

“This a 1000%. Organizations need to understand that their actions can have severe consequences on people’s lives. This is unacceptable.

It is laughable that they are complaining about it hurting their reputation. Well, don’t want a bad review? Don’t be an unprofessional company. Simple!”, another added.

Consult An Employment Lawyer

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“You should consult an employment lawyer to determine if you have a claim for damages.”, said one.

“Yeah this is like the golden example of promissory estoppel, a promise relied on to their detriment that was then rescinded, OP should contact an employment lawyer.”, another added.

Just Keep It There!

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“Nope, keep it there. What’s the point of reviewing sites if nobody is honest?

They can’t sue you for saying anything that’s true. As long as you haven’t embellished, you’re fine, regardless of any threats they’re about to throw at you.”

Leave It, Who Cares At This Point

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“Leave it. I had a similar experience. 5 months into the company and was laid off without any notice. I was stable one sec then *poof* jobless the next.

Idk 50% of the company or more were laid off without notice. People are leaving bad reviews on Glassdoor. We say burn the company down, who cares at this point.”

Shout It From The Rooftops

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“Shout it from the rooftops. I was a manager who hired someone who had their offer pulled. I had no idea until after it happened.

No idea the company was even in a bad place financially. They kept that a secret. We were told Thursday, he was supposed to start Monday.

I have never felt like a bigger idiot for something I had no control over. Especially while I was explaining it to my team and they were asking about their jobs.

Until Monday, when they sent out a new employee welcome email he had filled out in the HRMS with details about his likes.

I fired a shot down the bow of HR and Recruiting that shook the building. I was on a short list after that but it was so worth it.”

Sit Them Down, Agree At First, Then Surprise Them!

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“You should walk them through a long process where you sit down with them so they can convince you to take it down.

Tell them you’ll take it down, fill out a bunch of paperwork about it first and then at the last minute tell them you’ve changed your mind and that the review is going to stay up.”

Get A Free Consultation With A Labor Attorney

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“You should get a free consultation with a labor attorney. It varies from state to state, but because it seems like you had a signed offer letter and your other job wouldn’t take you back, you have concrete harm to claim.

You resigned from the old job based on the contract from the new job and thus their rescinding is responsible for a loss of income.

As I said, it varies greatly depending on location and we don’t have anywhere near enough info to properly weigh the likelihood of success, but most labor attorneys will do a free consultation and work on contingency, meaning you don’t pay until you win.

It might be a long shot, but it’s worth trying and then looking for a settlement.”

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