Your special person should be really important to you. It’s fine to stand up for them if they’re treated unfairly, even if it’s a family member who did it.

The Original Poster (OP) took it to the forum, and asked “Am I wrong for not giving my sister the wedding gift she wanted because of how she treated my girlfriend?”. We want to know from you. 


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OP and his girlfriend, Naomi, have been together for over a decade. OP’s sister Sarah and his girlfriend are not that close but do have a good relationship.


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Recently, Sarah announced her engagement and that was a total surprise to the entire family. She asked Naomi to be her bridesmaid. 


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Naomi was super excited when she was asked to be the bridesmaid, more so because it was unexpected. She had never done anything like that before, so she was thrilled.

Also, during their younger days, Naomi helped Sarah with certain things, and Sarah acknowledged that and thanked her for that while asking Naomi to be her bridesmaid. Naomi was touched.


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A few weeks later, Sarah posted her ‘Bridesmaid proposals brunch’, and Naomi wasn’t a part of it. Sarah never told them directly, but she clearly changed her mind.

Naomi was hurt but said she understood because she hadn’t expected to be asked anyway.


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A few months later, Sarah asked Naomi to go to the bachelorette party and also asked her to come get ready on the wedding day with her friends and bridesmaids. Naomi said yes, and OP even helped her find a good place to go and a rental.


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A month and a half before the wedding, when OP was talking to his mom on the phone, she mentioned that Sarah was at her bachelorette. She didn’t even inform Naomi about it.

After a few days Naomi asked Sarah about the plans regarding hair and makeup, and Sarah acted confused and politely told her to come with OP.


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OP got angry because Naomi was clearly very hurt at two invites and then being sort of ghosted. 


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Sarah had been wanting an expensive baking mixer for a very long time. OP initially planned to give her that as her wedding gift.

OP’s mom informed Sarah about it, so she was kind of expecting it. Because of what Sarah did to Naomi, OP decided not to give her the mixer and cut her a cheque instead. 


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A few days after the wedding, Sarah texted OP saying, “I don’t know how to ask this, but what happened to the mixer”, and OP responded, “I didn’t know how to ask, but what happened to treat my GF like a human being”.

After this, OP’s mom, his brother, and his new brother-in-law everyone has been blaming him for ruining Sara’s ‘happy time’.


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“Your sister was borderline rude. I’m glad you did what you did.”, said one user.


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“No you didn’t ruin her ‘happy time’. You didn’t call and ask where the mixer was, your sister did. She was more concerned about a wedding gift than enjoying herself on her honeymoon.”, said another user.

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