What would you do if you knew someone had been lying about something forever only to seek attention or become the talk of the town?

An internet user asked, “Am I a jerk for using a fake test to expose my ‘colorblind’ brother in front of friends and family?”. Here’s the full story for your context.


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So, the Original Poster (OP) (F17) has a brother (M15) who claims he’s colorblind. When he was younger, all his paintings and drawings seemed normal.

The whole colorblind claim started after he turned 10, all because of a light pink t-shirt he perceived as white. OP’s parents joked about him being colorblind since OP’s uncle (her dad’s brother) is.

The Drama Continued

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OP’s brother continued this claim, constantly mentioning it to others, which has always annoyed OP because she’s sure he’s lying.

“I’ve told my parents, but they brush me off, saying I’m just jealous of the attention he gets.”, says OP.

What Happened Last Week

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Last week was OP’s birthday. She had a gathering at home with about 25-30 people on the weekend. The topic of his supposed colorblindness came up again, with everyone asking him to identify colors.

OP, feeling frustrated, asked him to take an Ishihara test on the TV. He agreed after some hesitation. OP went to her room to grab her computer to plug into the TV.

OP Tricked Her Brother

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Instead of a genuine test, OP used a fake Ishihara test that anyone could pass. 

“He pretended not to see some numbers, and once the test concluded, I revealed to everyone that it was a fake test, aiming to show he was lying”, says OP.

Everyone’s Reaction

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The mood turned sour.

OP’s brother and parents were furious. OP’s family tried to brush it off, making jokes, and her friends found it amusing.

The After-Party

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Post-party, OP’s parents were livid; they labeled her an “attention seeker” and a jealous jerk and grounded her for embarrassing her brother.

“I feel like had he been honest, he wouldn’t have been humiliated. So, Am I a jerk?” asks OP.

Everyone’s In The Wrong

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“Everyone’s in the wrong. It’s super weird for your brother to do that. But also, he’s 15; this is how most 15-year-olds act; they are weird and look for attention at any little thing.

Being 15 is awful and most people look back at being 15 with embarrassment. But it’s also really weird of you to do what you did. There wasn’t a reason to do it in front of people, especially on your birthday.

This could have been something that you brought up not in front of a bunch of people. If anything you definitely need to apologize to your brother and maybe do some inner thinking about why you decided to do that.

Then have a sit-down conversation with your parents and talk about the lying problem your brother has. But you need to defuse the situation first.”

It’s Indeed Problematic

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“Not the jerk. For people who are hand waving this, he’s been doing it for *five years*. He’s old enough to know better and to know that lying is wrong. Your parents not looking into it and seemingly being dismissive is troubling.”

He’s Playing The Long Con

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“Not the jerk. Sounds like he wore a pink shirt and regretted it or felt embarrassed so claimed he was color-blind. Then it all got out of control. He is playing the long con for sure. Doesn’t seem worth the effort.”

That Was Both Petty And Bratty

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“You’re the jerk. Petty and bratty. You probably ruined your relationship with your brother forever for pulling this unnecessary, immature stunt when it’s likely a behavior he would have stopped as he matured. I hope it was worth it.”

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