When it comes to dating, not everyone cares about looks. Some people just can’t seem to accept the fact that they can get rejected based on their PERSONALITIES!

An internet user asked, “Am I a jerk for telling my twin’s girlfriend that she must be lying about me not being her type?”. Let us know what you think in the comments section!


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The Original Poster (OP) (20M) was hanging out with his twin, his twin’s girlfriend and their common friend’s group to get drinks. OP’s brother’s relationship is still fairly new and OP only met his girlfriend twice before.

OP’s So-Called Joke

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OP jokingly asks his brother’s GF if he’s as handsome as his brother and she replies that he’s not really her type.

OP tells her she must be lying, considering he looks almost identical to her boyfriend. However, OP’s brother tells OP that he can stop showing off now.

A Few Moments Later

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Everyone understood that OP was just making a bit of banter, but OP’s brother confronted OP afterwards about him trying to show him up and trying to flirt with his girl.

“I told him again that I was just bantering with her, but he didn’t believe me, and he’s still mad at me.”, says OP.

What Does Everyone Else Think?

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Some of OP’s friends do believe his brother is just unreasonably jealous of him, however, others think OP may have made his girlfriend uncomfortable (even though OP thinks she didn’t look like she was while they were talking) and OP should apologize to both of them.

“Am I a jerk?”, asks OP.

You’re Weird

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“You’re the jerk. It’s weird that you feel the need to compare yourself to your twin. Stop doing that. Stop competing with your brother and go find your own girlfriend.”

Looks Are Often Secondary

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“You’re the jerk. Women are attracted to personality. Looks and such are secondary. She was clearly telling you that your attitude, behaviors and personality are a turnoff. Given the arrogance of your post, I agree with her. Eww.”

Give Them Some Space

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“You’re the jerk. It’s only ‘banter’ if there’s a back-and-forth. She doesn’t like this and she doesn’t like you. Give them space.

It’s hilarious that you’re so focused on your looks that you can’t imagine that ‘not my type’ could be referring to your arrogant, oblivious personality.”

The Only Person Who Is Jealous Is You

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“You’re the jerk. Your brother isn’t jealous, you are. Also, you’re insecure and not very considerate. You made things weird and awkward the second time you’d ever meet this girl.”

That’s Really Cheap

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“You’re the jerk. You’ve met this woman twice and you are harassing her about whether or not she finds you attractive. That’s really very cheap of you.”

You Do Owe Them Both An Apology

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“She politely found a way to not insult either of you after such a childish question after meeting her a third time. You kept going and owe them both an apology so she doesn’t feel weird.”

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