At first, you force someone to do a certain thing and then, years later, out of nowhere, you want them to literally ‘undo’ it… how insane does that sound on a scale from one to ten?

An internet user asked, “Am I a jerk for telling my parents and brother that if they wanted his ex removed from my wedding pictures, they had to pay for it?”. We need to hear your thoughts on the matter.


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The Original Poster’s (OP’s) brother goes through women as she goes through socks. OP gave him a plus one for her wedding two years ago. He brought his girlfriend at that time.

Throwback To OP’s Wedding Photo Shoot

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When they were doing the family pictures, OP’s brother wanted his girlfriend in the pictures. OP said they could do some with her and some without.

He Got Mad

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He got mad that OP allowed their sister to have her fiance in all the pictures and their other brother was allowed to have his boyfriend of five years but that OP had the audacity to exclude his girlfriend of the week.

OP Gave In To Them, Eventually

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OP’s parents said that they didn’t want any fighting and to just include her. They were paying for everything, so OP said fine. The girl isn’t in all their pictures. Just the ones with their family and both families.

What Happened Recently

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Now OP’s brother is engaged and they had the family over last weekend. His fiancee saw OP’s wedding picture on the wall and got into a fight with OP’s brother. He never told her that he had been in a serious relationship with her nemesis.

He tried explaining that they only dated for a very short while. She called it nonsense because the girl was literally included in the family picture. She asked to see their wedding album.

“Sure enough the girl was in multiple pictures with the family and the in-laws.”, says OP.

OP’s Brother’s Ridiculous Demand

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OP’s brother finally calms her down but has asked OP to take down the picture or have his ex removed. OP said that it was expensive so he would have to pay for it.

He Complained To Parents

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He tried complaining to their parents. They said that OP was being childish. OP reminded them that they were the ones who insisted I give in to him.

“I said that they were welcome to pay for the editing. They said I was a jerk and that they already paid for the pictures once.”, says OP.

Too Bad For Your Brother

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“Sounds like you saw something like this coming and suggested not having her in every picture. He insisted, and now he’s trying to make it your problem. Too bad for him – Not the jerk!”

This Is His Issue, Not Yours

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“Not the jerk. You’re right, this is their doing and they can pay for it if they want. Had they not pressured you in the first place, he wouldn’t be in this situation. Notice – not YOUR situation, this is his issue to deal with.”

It’s On Them To Fix It

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“Not the jerk. You didn’t want her in all of the pics. Your parents & brother insisted on her being in the pics. It’s on them to fix it. Not you.”

You’re Being More Than Reasonable

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“I think you’re being more than reasonable by offering to let him pay to have her removed from the pictures. I’d have refused altogether. For better or worse, she was at the wedding, and pretending otherwise by editing her out doesn’t make that not true.”

They’ve No Right To Do So

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“Your brother has no right to ask you to alter your decor or have your wedding photographs edited to please his wife. They both need to come to earth.”

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