Society sets unrealistic beauty standards for both men and women, which reduces the self-esteem of people. It is high time to realize those are unrealistic and eliminate them.

A user asked the forum, “What are the most ridiculous beauty standards, for either gender, that just frustrate you?” Here are the top responses. 


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“You must look young, even if you’re 60.”


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“Clear, flawless, dewy skin. Everyone has blemishes, dry patches, redness here and there, some weird permanent little hump that won’t go. Everyone.”


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“Being bald. I’ve got thinning hair, and I know I’ll be bald before I’m 30, probably before I’m 25, and it hurts to feel bad about that.”


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“In Korea, girls are supposed to be a certain weight regardless of height. How does that make any logical sense?”


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“All the waxing and shaving and plucking. It is exhausting. I would never stop, but also, I hate it all.”


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“I’m supposed to look the same after I have a baby.”


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“Abs. Abs are tough to get and even harder to maintain.”


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“As a man, it’s impossible to get a haircut with my long hair because they refuse to treat it like a woman’s hair.”


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“Having a flat belly. I’ve been insecure about my belly for 15 years, when it was slender, when it was flabby, when it was postpartum, when it had stretch marks, and honestly, I just want to be able to exist without going insane because it’s not flat.”


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“Lip fillings and buccal fat removal. It makes genuinely stunning women look like old meth addicts.”


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“Why isn’t it socially acceptable for men to wear yoga pants? They look so comfy! If women can walk around with their nether regions visible beneath a thin layer of cloth, then what is wrong with a banana?”


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“No wrinkles. I don’t get it. You make facial expressions, and they create these guidelines for your unique personality.

So many of these young people think wrinkles are the mark of the demon. It is all part of growing wiser!”


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“From a black woman’s perspective: Our hair. It’s never good enough for anyone. If we grow it precisely how it grows out of our scalp, that’s wrong. 

If we say okay, let me braid it, that’s also wrong. I’ll cover it with a wig; that’s also wrong. If we straighten it, that’s wrong. Everything is wrong, no matter where it comes from, fellow black people or other people.”


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“Thigh Gap. People think you can starve yourself to get it, but that’s biological nonsense.”


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“Women’s shoes. Our dressy shoes are high heels with no support. They’re uncomfortable, and they are hell on the knees and spine alignment. Men’s dress shoes are flat soles with wide-toe boxes. 

We cram our feet into too tiny and pointy shoes. I quit wearing these shoes, but it makes me sad. I liked the way they looked, but the price was too high. Women have so many back and feet problems wearing them.”


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“Perfect eyebrows. It seems nearly impossible without going to a salon, but people act like it’s so important. It’s hair. As long as the eyebrow doesn’t trap small insects within the hair for food, it shouldn’t matter.”


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“Double standards. I would never make a derogatory comment about a woman’s figure, but I’ve had offensive comments made about mine in the workplace, and it was treated as just a joke.”


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“Make-up. High heels. Neither has an equivalent for men, and both are horrible for women.”

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