It is unfair that some people are overpaid simply because of their job title, while others are underpaid for much more difficult and important work. A user asked the forum, “What profession is overpaid?”. Let’s look at the top responses.


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“At my workplace, a person with the precise job title of “Assistant to the Executive Director” earns over $180,000 annually. He merely wanders about the building looking for offenses to accuse people of.”


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“College/university presidents.

Instructors are getting $3k for teaching a class while being charged $800 for a parking spot. Meanwhile VPs of ‘sports’ or ‘recruitment’ making $200,000 a year and do nothing except visit the local high schools once a year and reprint brochures.”


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“Health Insurance CEO. They shouldn’t be making as much as they do, and they shouldn’t be making more than doctors in any case.”


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“Real estate agents. Especially over the last ten years. List a house, sells in a day, and take 3% on both sides of the transaction.

The listing agent did a couple of hours of work. The buying agent does barely anything because, usually these days, the buyer has already found the houses they want to look at themselves online… it’s simply insane that it costs 30,000 to post a 500,000 dollar house online and sell in a day.”


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“Politicians. They should earn the annual median income from their constituents.”


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“Vice presidents, and board members.

No one is so valuable they deserve X300 the annual income of their other staff. Workers add value, management and executives drain it.”


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“Actors and actresses, and I don’t mean the ones who are starting out, trying to make it. I’m talking about the ones who get paid millions and millions of dollars.”


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“Pastor. ‘If you want to get rich, build a religion,’ can’t remember who spoke.”


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“Soccer Players. Yeah, I know, they train a lot. But these tags aren’t normal anymore.”


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“Mutual fund managers.

Granted, almost all of them are CFAs, which is hard, but most still can’t beat the S&P 500.”


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“Sensitivity readers. They work for publishers and nitpick things in books that could potentially be “problematic” to get them changed/edited and I mean REALLY nitpick. Otherwise, they don’t have a job.

They’re the ones responsible for the controversial re-releases of Ronald Dahl’s books. They often make more than the editors, designers, and most of the marketing team. Some can make up to $60 an hour.”


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“Professional athletes, getting paid millions to do what my dog does, i.e., various forms of fetch.”


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“Musicians. Anyone big in the Entertainment industry.”


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“HVAC people. Most have awful manners and post-pandemic, they charge whatever they can and if the work isn’t good, you just get stuck in the same cycle with someone else.”


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“Tiktokers like Ana Sitar complain they’re “burnt out,” but they don’t really do anything but go to parties and concerts.”


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“Salespeople. Specifically, B2B. Just people who produce nothing of value to anyone talking to each other playing golf and taking huge commissions off deals.”

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