Every job has its pros and cons. But people exaggerate and make others believe their job is the hardest on the earth is undeniable. Have you ever come across such people? 

A user asked the forum, “What profession always acts like they have the hardest job on earth (but it isn’t all that bad)?”

Here are the common responses. 


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“My family acts like my job is difficult (engineering leadership). I am constantly in meetings where I’m ‘arguing with people,’ as my wife says. I’ve been a software engineer for the last 20 years, and now most of my job is soft skills, mostly focusing on concepts and mentoring rather than doing the grunt work. I love it. This is by far the most comfortable job I’ve ever had.”


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“Many enlisted military jobs are elementary. My dad’s a disabled vet, so I help him with some support groups; many guys hate the hero worship around it, and sometimes, they can get irritated from the constant recognition for doing a mundane job.

It’s not a catch-all because some enlisted jobs are also very strenuous, and a bad day at war is a terrible day, life-altering day.”


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“Sales. We are a big bunch of whiny babies a lot of the time. I think it’s because of our extreme highs and lows.”


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“The only people I’ve ever heard say their job is the hardest are stay-at-home moms. I am a stay-at-home dad. I worked in production warehouses for 20 years, and staying at home with my beautiful son is my best gig ever.

Being a stay-at-home parent has challenges, but dealing with an actual child is much easier than dealing with adults who act like children. I am in no way saying it’s easy. It is not, but it is the most rewarding, and that makes it way more worthwhile than working for some Chief Executive Officer that poops on a golden toilet. (I apologize for my crudeness.)”


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“Welders. Watch any welding video on a social media platform, and you see a huge match in the comments about how bad the weld was and how they’ve been welding for 30 years and make 200k a year.

Meanwhile, most welders got their welding certifications from a 6-month school and ran a hot glue gun all day.”


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“I briefly worked as a substitute teacher, and I was told on more than one occasion that I had one of the most challenging jobs in the world. That was news to me because, most of the time, I had to follow the teachers’ detailed instructions. 

The students themselves were almost always outstanding. Even in the more underserved districts, students were fine with you so long as you didn’t treat them all like little criminals. The challenging part was navigating the schools if the office failed to give me a school map.”


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“Real estate agents because they take all of the credit for a sale but can’t answer basic questions about a house like what year it was built.”


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“Tax accountants. I am one and have worked for some tough people. The deadlines make us think our jobs are so important, so much more essential than anything else in the world. I know people’s money is important, but missing one deadline (usually at the client’s fault because they didn’t send their info time) will not put you in tax jail. 

Once I realized we weren’t doing brain surgery, sending people to space, teaching kids, and more. I felt a little more relaxed. I think accountants will only realize this when they see medical professionals doing their job. I recently had a family friend hospitalized, and I was genuinely amazed at how these people do their job. It cannot be easy, and I could never teach anyway.”


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“Human resources (HR). People in HR love to tell you how they work in it and that it is also so hard.”


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“Row crop farmers in the Midwest. Less than two months of work all year from a climate-controlled cab. All actual work is contracted out. They are rich, too, but don’t want you to know it. Outbuildings with full bars, several boats, campers, RV’s, pool tables, fancy side-by-side four-wheelers, snowmobiles, you name it, and are on vacation most of the year. 

Funded by subsidies and a system that rewards rampant surplus and completely propped up by artificial fertilizer and demand.”


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“Academicians. I’m in academia myself, and it is not a piece of cake, it is a lot of work, including the unpaid ones such as reviewing journals, the pay could be better, the competition for permanent positions in many fields is fierce, and more. But when I just think about people doing hard manual labor or some tedious tasks in retail, I realize how lucky I am.”


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“Waiters/Waitresses. You just write down the food everyone wants and then put it into a computer with all the pre-programmed options and a whole interface for substitutions. Then you wait a bit, and when the food is ready, you bring it to the table. Also, you check if people want more drinks. 

Sometimes you have to answer some questions about the food. Sometimes, people don’t like the food, so you go get the manager. I did it for a while; it’s not that hard.”


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“Sports stars, you get to do what you love anyways and can get paid idiotic amounts for simple tasks like running fast.”


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“Aerospace engineering. Outside of some amazing scientific work in the research and development part of the industry, most engineers are doing pretty standard engineering work.”


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“Chief Executive Officers (CEO), if you can be the CEO of 5 worldwide companies simultaneously, it’s not a hard job.”


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“Auto plant assembly. For all United Automobile Workers whining, most of the work in auto plants is unskilled labor. Somehow, these workers have been indulged into thinking they are uniquely skilled, uniquely ‘hardworking,’ and deserving of high pay, ridiculous benefits, and particular political consideration. 

Guys, you’re running a pneumatic nut driver all day on seat rails. This is not precisely brain surgery.”


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“Baristas. I get customers who can be hard to handle, but I’ve never seen one that doesn’t complain about having to make drinks.”

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