New movies are released all the time, but some are forgettable one-hit wonders, while others become timeless classics.

A user took it to the forum and asked “What is the most rewatchable movie?”, and here are the top responses.


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“True story, fell asleep on the couch watching Groundhog Day a while back. I woke up later at an earlier part in the movie. Turns out it was Groundhog Day and that particular station was playing it back to back all day”, said one user.

“Looks like someone’s stuck in a time loop of watching Groundhog Day on repeat”, said another user.


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“Shaun of the Dead. So many callbacks, so much foreshadowing, and incredibly funny and tight writing”, said one user

“My friends and I drove out of state to see it 5 times in the theater. It’s a banger for sure!”, said another user.


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“Hot Fuzz is probably in my top 5 of all movies”, said one user.

“If you ever get the chance to watch that with a UK police officer, do that. There are so many things in it that only they notice! For example the name of the fictional village he is posted to is actually the name of the fictional town the police use in some of their training materials!”, said another user.


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“It’s honestly just a one of a kind movie. It feels like it aged so well. Makes it even more nostalgic knowing that Bruce retired from acting so we probably won’t get another sequel continuing the story of Korben Dallas.

Then again I’m all for no sequels and just letting the story be its own thing but still a sad feeling knowing that so many years have passed since its release. Definitely always will be one of my top 100 feel good movies”, said one user.


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“Back to the future, just a great film, lots to pick out and no obvious glaring errors”, one user said.

“How did you read my mind? Or, better yet, did you happen to time travel to this post after I commented and came back to write this?”, another user replied.


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“For me, Terminator 2. Must have seen that movie over 20 times”, said one user.

“This movie came out when I was nine. I wasn’t allowed to see it in theaters, but behind my mothers back, my father put the VHS in my Easter basket!

It was one of the greatest gifts I ever received! I watched that movie at bedtime from the time I was nine until I was at least 11. I’d argue that I’ve seen the movie at least 200 times. I’m factoring in all the times I fell asleep! I’m 40 now, and I still consider it the best movie ever made. I would happily die on that hill!”, said another user.


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“The thing, 1982 version with Kurt Russel. TIMELESS!”, one user said.

“This is 100% fact. My ex walked into the living room about 20 minutes in while I was doing a rewatch and she never sat down or moved from the spot she was standing behind the couch lol. She just watched the whole movie standing up because she kept thinking she was going to lose interest. She never did. It’s now in her top 10 movies of all time and she rewatched it a lot”, said one user.


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“I’m not a “rewatch movies” kind of guy or much of a movie person at all, but Office Space is one of my all-time favorites and one of the only movies I would watch over and over again”, said one user.

THE MUMMY (1999)

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“Hey, Benny! Looks to me like you’re on the wrong side of the RIVERRRR!”, said one user.

“I totally heard Brendan in my head as I read this”, another user replied.


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“I loved that. It convinced me that if they were to ever remake the movie, Pedro Pascal would make a great Indigo Montoya, and Rainn Wilson’s Vizzini was also pretty spot-on”, said one user.


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“That scene with Jacky Treehorn on the phone gets me every time”, said one user.

“The way he scurries back to the couch and sits awkwardly to play it off cool cracks me up no matter how many times I see it”, another user added.


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“I was in the hospital for extreme vertigo for a few days and I couldn’t open my eyes because everything was spinning. I just put on Shawshank and listened to it. I saw every scene in my head. Great movie, and totally re-watchable”, said one user.


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“I feel like this is the movie that’s the most rewatchable. It’s perfectly tailored for rewatchability. I’m surprised I had to scroll so far to see it mentioned.

So many little details you miss on your first watch, because you weren’t really looking”, said one user.


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“Just saw it for the Nth time with my parents whilst visiting. I said it was my first time even though I’ve seen it 400 times. Everyone acted like it was their first and it really holds up”, said one user.


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“The entire trilogy is full of small details and foreshadowing and it’s so good to rewatch and see that everything was planned all along, even after hundreds of time, I still often find new things, like how a guy that talk to Saul in a game of poker in 1 is also the guy that talk to Le Marc in 2 which is also the same guy that help the crew in 3”, said one user.


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“I never get tired of Jaws”, said one user.

“Every time I watch it I notice something new. I could write an essay about how much deeper Jaws is than a simple shark attack movie”, said another user.

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