As we age, our priorities and perspectives shift. What we once loved, we may now find annoying or even intolerable. This is perfectly normal, and it’s a part of the natural process of growing older.

A netizen recently asked, What are you starting to dislike more as you get older? And we cannot stress enough how relatable the responses were!

Have a look:


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“Crowds. I used to love going to big beer festivals or PCB during spring break to party. Now when booking vacations I purposely try to book in areas with lesser crowds. Also, I hate standing in lines.” 

When They Rearrange The Grocery Store

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“When they rearrange the grocery store.” Said one. 

“I work at a grocery store and I get so mad when they move things and a customer asks me where something is. I just walk down every aisle with them until we figure it out.” Another added. 

Loud Bars

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“Loud bars. When I was 21-25, it was just normal.  You go to a bar, the music is loud.  That’s just how bars are, right?

Now that I’m in my late 30’s, I actively avoid going to bars that have excessively loud music. One of these days I’m going to start shouting at the clouds, I’m sure of it.” 

Leaving The House

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“I don’t mind leaving the house as long as it’s just into my garden.” Said one. 

“I’m 25 and it feels like maybe 2 years ago I still loved going out when I could and now it pains me to have to put on pants and leave my home.” Another added. 


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“Noise. Not all noises of course. I live in a society with other humans, and noise is inevitable. I mean things that whir, drone, buzz, or “scream” for long periods of time. Like my computer tower causes a vibration with my desk, resulting in this persistent buzz. Basically sounds that resemble tinnitus.” 

People With Attention Seeking Behavior

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“People with attention-seeking behavior, who continue talking even when others are speaking, their constant I’m so cool antics in public to impress a crowd only to badmouth about the same people later.  sadly I have one at home, I’m so done man.” 

Prank Influencers 

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“I’m starting to really hate prank influencers, if one of those entitled little pricks mess around they will probably find out.” Said one. 

“Because the majority are just bullies (or staging it). A prank is only a prank if both parties can laugh once the prank has been revealed.” 

Talking On The Phone

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“Talking on the phone. I never really liked it, but now I can’t stand it. It doesn’t matter who is on the other end. Also having to listen to other people on the phone.” 

Fast Food

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“Fast Food. Used to be a treat when I was a teenager. Now in my mid-30s, I end up with acid reflux and feel like I need a nap afterwards.” 

Other People’s Chewing Sounds

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“And they get SO upset when you ask them to chill about their eating. Like breath between bites, don’t chomp through it like a desperate wild animal that won’t see food for a week.

You’re fine, there’s 3rds and 4ths on the stove!! That’s how I feel at least lol.” 

Online Dating

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“It’s so hard to date these days. Online dating seems to be the main option, but it’s so dehumanizing and shallow. It’s very hard to get a feel of a person with a few pictures and whatever info they decide to provide.

I know it’s hard in general for single people, but I’m gay on top of it, so it really feels like I have to turn to apps or a bar. I can’t assume someone on the street swings that way and wants to be hit on. I hate it the older I get, and I’m not getting younger.” 

Too Many Passwords 

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“Having to remember umpteen bajillion passwords for EVERYTHING.” Said one. 

“2-factor Authentication for something, which is expired, so it asks for a partner sign-in, which asks for 2-factor, which asks for a grid, which asks for a Google sign-in, which asks for 2-factor, which sends me a text. It’s like a never-ending god damn loop of authentication.

Takes me 30 minutes just to get back to the original goal and by then the page is expired and I have to start the whole process again.” Another added. 

Getting Old

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“Yep. I’m in my 50s and it seems everything that was standard my entire life is being ripped away. All of my childhood heroes, my parents, my relatives, pets…it’s all happening at once.” 

People My Age

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“People my age. I’m Gen X. It seems I blinked and many of my age mates became as intolerant as we laughed at our parents for being.” Said one. 

“I definitely see this with millennials too. My cousins are starting to parrot the ignorant crap my aunt & uncle say. It’s embarrassing.” Another added. 

Rap Music

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“Rap music. I used to love rap back then, but as time grew rap became very bad and lost my love for rap. Hate to see music become less enjoyable.”

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