Hobbies are a great way to relax and de-stress, but some hobbies can be pretty expensive. A user asked the forum, “What’s your most expensive hobby?”

Here are some responses he got!


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“My wallet cries every time I visit my local game shop.”


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“I’m three weeks into Magic the gathering and already down 100 dollars.”


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“Crochet. Yarn prices get insane.”


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“There are different options and levels to cosplaying, but the more accurate and high quality a cosplay is, the more expensive it becomes. This applies even if you’re the one making the cosplays.”


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“I got out of track days when my kids were born, but those were $500 weekends.”


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“Datahoarding is kinda expensive, honestly. Parity+drive price is a nightmare, especially with 100+ TB of data.”


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“Gathering them photons is pricey.”


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“A lift ticket for a mid-size mountain where I live in Canada last year was 129$ CAD, if I recall.”


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“Why am I paying nearly $40 on a 3-inch long rail section? Hell, if I know.”


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“I like to take self-portraits or do still-life photos that ooze with nostalgia. I’ve collected several cassettes, clothes, electronics, and other things from the 80s, and I have the high-maintenance haircut to match.”


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“I haven’t bought anything for a while, but I’ve built my kit over the years, and it’s been pricey. Most recently, graphic novels/omnibuses. We are working toward a grand this year so far. Which is a lot in a short period. Shooting used to be, but I haven’t bought a new gun in several years.”


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“After getting all the albums I wanted in repress format, I sought out colored editions, OG copies, sealed copies, signed copies, and duplicates. Typically, every couple weeks for six years straight, I would drop anywhere from $300-$800 on vinyl records.”


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“Offshore fishing. Costs around $260 for a day out of San Diego.”


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“Warhammer 40K It’s as expensive as Crack. It’s as addictive as Crack. And It’ll ruin your life like Crack.”


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“Dungeons and dragons take most of my time and money, between the dice, book, and materials to build terrain for maps.”


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