Side hustles are a great way to earn extra money and pursue your passions. But some side hustles can be more profitable than you might expect. A user asked the forum, “What’s Your Most Unexpectedly Profitable Side Hustle?”

Here are some responses he got!


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“Started a house cleaning business. I clean to relieve stress from my full-time job on my days off. Cleaning is like jogging or bicycling at the park for me. Making over $3k a month doing essentially a hobby.”


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“I used to work as a cook. So, while I attended college, I would provide fine dining dinners and charge affluent college students $70 per plate. You would be surprised how much I made, especially when finals started.

On Friday nights, I would make about ~$1200 and

On Saturday, I would make about ~$1500

On Sunday, I would make about ~$1300

This side gig paid for my tuition, insurance, room and board.”


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“Creating silly little web games and putting ads on them. Made $50k last year.”


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“You’d need the capital to get a new car or buy a used one, but I had a truck on Turo and made bank. It’s air bnb for cars. Can easily make a few grand a month renting out the car.”


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“For me, it was vintage tees. Quit drinking. Used the money I saved to buy vintage tees for myself. I started having offers. It turned into a small business. Ongoing. Addictive. Fun. Much better than nasty booze.”


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“Selling things, people put in the trash… People throw away excellent stuff that can easily be sold on the marketplace.”


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“I made some interesting pieces, and someone told me to post them. Some folks in town saw the posts and asked to purchase them, so I said $400. Then, an investment firm reached out, and I sold a piece for $2400. I read a book on SEO and built a website… I got a call from a designer in Brooklyn who needed a piece for an accounting firm, then a neutraceutical start-up wanted a huge 16’ piece for their headquarters, and by then, I was asking about $6-8K… then I got an art broker, and things started taking off…. Large financial firms, household names… it’s been amazing. I still have my day job!.”


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“Checking account bonuses, get about 500-700 a month.”


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“Bought adult-sized Olaf (Frozen) and Chewbacca costumes. Rented them around town for $50 for kids’ birthday parties. Just grab the costume from my house and return it in a few days. Easy money.”


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“Referrals for jobs at the company I used to work for.”


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“I have a portable sawmill. I will slice up your fallen tree for a small fortune. People are dumb enough to pay out the wazoo. I only do it on Fridays and Saturdays. Last year, I made 45k. Cash only.”


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“Babysitting. I make over 60k a year. Always have clients. Easy work.”


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“Sports betting apps / daily fantasy sports (US only). Many apps will pay you a 100% deposit bonus when you join and deposit. Those funds can be hedged and withdrawn for a free 50% profit. Prize picks and sleeper alone earned me $100 in about 20 minutes.”


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“Buying Egyptian cotton products wholesale on Alibaba and reselling them on eBay. I just took a chance, and it worked out.”


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“Designed a part for a new car that I wanted but others wanted. Ended up “selling” the design to a company that packages and deals with the whole kit for me, and I just collected royalties for each kit sold. Just some passive income, but I have an engineering day job.”

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