The world is a complex and ever-changing place, and there is always more to learn. Sometimes, the things we learn can challenge our assumptions and make us question everything we thought we knew. This can be a disorienting experience, but it can also be an opportunity for growth and personal development.

An internet user asked, “What is something someone told you that you thought was a lie, but turned out to be 100% true?”. The following responses shall take you aback!

My Stepmom Wasn’t Lying 

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“I was told that our dogs went to “the farm”.

I thought my stepmom was a monster until we actually visited the farm and sure enough, there my dogs were living their best lives.”

What Is The Distance A Billion Dollars Might Cover?

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“If you stood a single dollar up, and stacked one million dollars it would be 100m or approx 350 ft. One billion dollars is 100 km or 60 miles.

You can walk a million dollars without raising your heart rate. It would take an hr’s drive at 60mph to go the distance of one billion dollars. (Width of a dollar is .1mm).” 

Barack Obama And Lyndon Johnson Have Close Blood Relations 

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“Barack Obama and Lyndon Johnson are as closely related as Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt.

The Roosevelts are 6th cousins once-removed. Obama and Johnson are 4th cousins, 3 times removed.

If you aren’t sure how that works: 

Obama’s great-grandmother is 4th cousins with Johnson, OR Obama is 7th cousins with Johnson’s great-grandchildren.

Alternatively, FDR was 7th cousin with Teddy Jr (and Eleanor, who is Teddy’s niece -his brother’s daughter) OR FDRs father James Roosevelt was 6th cousin with Teddy.” 

Bill Cosby Is A Monster 

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“I so desperately wanted Bill Cosby to be innocent.

I mean… he was just a massive part of my childhood. I still own The Cosby Show on DVD but I absolutely cannot watch it. I just can’t.

I used to watch another when I was really little where he drew pictures with a magic pen he kept in his shirt pocket. I can’t remember the name, but it was my favorite thing as a kid.

It was like finding out my own kin had done it. Do you know? Like… I was crushed. And I felt like a fool for having defended him, ever.

There just came a point where it was undeniable. And to this day, I can’t enjoy a special piece of my childhood because all I can think when I see him is, you’re such a monster.”

Narwhals Are Real

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“So when I was in High School I straight up didn’t believe in Narwhals. Not like in a conspiracy theory way, just that I’d seen them in bad memes and hung out with That Crowd in the 2010s.

I just thought it was some imaginary “LOL so random” creature the internet made. Until I was a senior in high school.”

The Space Shuttle Did Go By My Friend’s House

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“A friend in 5th grade told me there was a space shuttle casually going by his house on a boat. Turns out that was for a flight that was scheduled that month. I saw a news article talking about how they used the river Rhein to transport that heavy thingy.” 

A Woman I Knew Was A Cousin Of Steven Tyler

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“A woman told me she was a cousin of Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. I thought she was lying.

The next time I saw her she was showing photos of her hanging out with him and the band. He invited her to some event he was doing with Disney.” 

You Can Live With Only One Lung 

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“My wife only has one functioning lung.  She can’t ride a bicycle and gets winded easily, but she lives an otherwise normal life.” 

Cats Have Two Uteruses

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“A friend of a friend had 4 kittens to adopt.  I went over there to adopt TWO because that’s what I could reasonably afford.  This friend/ friend was a real eccentric and chatterbox,  kept going off on rants about other stuff,  I just wanted kitty cats. 

She told me cats have two uteruses. I brushed that off in my head as “Well that sounds like an untrue thing a Dumb Person would say without looking it up”, but I sat there and quietly Googled it on my phone and it’s mostly true. 

I was mostly just sad that I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I’m ok with quietly and politely accepting things people say as “Oh that sounds wrong, bless ’em I guess”.” 

Consuming Reheated Cooked Rice Helps In Avoiding Insulin Spikes

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“If you cook rice, then put it in the fridge, and then reheat it in the microwave, it spikes blood sugar less.

I was all ‘No way reheated food is inherently healthier’. But, yeah, it’s been validated in a bunch of different carby foods.

The reason the texture is so different for leftovers is that you don’t heat it hot enough when reheating, so the carbs stay in a sort of crystal gel state, and can’t be digested as quickly.” 

My Coworker Dated A Swedish Supermodel 

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“When I was 19 working a retail job, my coworker lamented that he would never be able to give his girlfriend the perfect gift because he couldn’t afford it and she always bought him amazing presents. 

So, jokingly, I asked, “What, is she a Swedish supermodel?”, and he affirmed it.

He was a completely average guy in a crappy town in a crappy retail job, so I called him out on it and laughed him off. 

A few weeks later, this bombshell that made Hiroshima look like a birthday candle walks in, and as you can guess from this thread topic, she was actually, legitimately, a Swedish model.” 

Getting A Good Job Depends On Building Connections 

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“Getting a good job all depends on who you know. You can be an awful worker but suck up to the right people, you’re set.

You can also be a very hard worker and continue to be at the bottom. I wish I had learned this a lot earlier or the ability to let myself use connections.” 

After A Kidney Transplant, A Person Is Left With Three Kidneys 

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“When a person gets a kidney transplant, they leave the old ones in there in case they decide to get off their lazy bums and start helping again.  Source:  husband owner of 3 kidneys since 2021.  The world record holder has like 7 kidneys!” 

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