What would you do if you found out someone else wanted to give away your stuff to someone who’s been trashing your name to others for a while?

A netizen recently asked, “Am I a jerk for moving me and my newborn into the RV after my MIL and husband tried giving it away?”. 

We want you to decide.


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The Original Poster (OP) is feeling incredibly disgusted. She gave birth two weeks ago and believes her hormones might have induced this incident. 

So back in March, OP and her husband bought a Recreational Vehicle (RV) for $2,500 that needed new floors, some patchwork on the roof around the skylight windows, and some updated appliances. 


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They worked on the RV all summer and sunk in over $4k. The only thing left was updating the appliances, but it was not a necessity. Since they just had their baby, they put it on hold.

They plan to complete it by next summer so they can go camping and travel around for a few months. That’s why they got the RV to begin with. 


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Now, OP’s husband’s sister “Jamie” (38), is having marital problems, and OP’s Mother-In-Law (MIL) thought it would be okay to tell Jamie she could have their RV since they “aren’t using it anyways.” 


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OP and her husband are in no contact with Jamie, as she trash-talked about them to the rest of the family because OP refused to watch her dog for free anymore. After all, she (OP) was heavily pregnant, and Jamie’s dog was a big, untrained nuisance. 

“We haven’t spoken to Jamie in at least three months. We went 100% no-contact when we learned she was heavily trashing our names. So why MIL would give our stuff to Jamie baffles me on many levels.”, says OP. 


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Therefore, when OP’s MIL came to OP’s place and said, “I told Jamie she could have your RV because she needs to get out of her house. We already have renovation plans for the camper.” 

OP was annoyed. She asked her why she would give away stuff that wasn’t hers and why she would think this was acceptable. She pulled the “family helps family” and “pay it forward” talk. 

She was more surprised when her husband said, “Whatever, she already told my sister she could have it, and maybe it’s good karma.” Her husband was annoyed but still agreed to just give it away. 


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She told them both to go to hell, but because OP worked hard on this RV all summer while uncomfortable and pregnant, she will not be happy if it’s given away to a no-contact family member right from under her nose without asking.

OP’s husband told his mom he would bring the RV to his sister’s within the week.


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Without considering it, OP packed herself and the baby and moved themselves into the RV. She was not okay with giving away the RV and took the extreme route. 

“My husband says I’m being over dramatic and that we can just get another RV ‘eventually,’ but I know we can’t afford to buy it during the new camping season. Am I a jerk?” asks OP. 


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“Not the jerk. This is honestly a divorce level of disrespect from your husband, and your MIL is insane. If he would give away something like this just to avoid conflict, how else would he disrespect your right to have a say in your property, finances, and more? 

You need marriage counseling as soon as possible to make this work. I would also ensure your name is on everything you own with him and maybe even preemptively talk to a lawyer. This is just so absurd on so many levels, and top of it, you just gave birth! You are not the problem here, but I would consider your long-term financial safety with him.” 


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“Not the jerk. You have a major husband problem. Why does he feel comfortable giving ‘your belongings and hard work labor’ away? Nope! Ensure the RV is in your name and report it stolen if they try to remove it.”


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“This is not your hormones talking. It’s your spine talking. It’s just having to yell a bit louder because it’s talking for two, as you and your husband have only one spine between you. So, not the jerk.”


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“This is way more than the RV. Your husband has to figure out he can’t keep letting MIL make unilateral decisions about your family! He’s being too much of a pushover. You’re not being overdramatic.

You’re doing what you can to stop him from making a big mistake. Sister-in-law (SIL) wants the fruits of everyone else’s hard work for free, and it needs to be stopped.” 


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“OP, I am so here for your reaction. Stake your claim. She has done nothing to earn that type of familial support from you. You can’t control other people’s actions, but you can control your own, and you can also show that baby over and over again through the years how to have boundaries and a backbone. Good on you!” 


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“Not the jerk. You don’t owe the no-contact sister anything. Your MIL is insane to think she can give away other people’s property. Maybe your MIL can host her daughter in her house.” 

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