Ever had a friend of your sister’s that you just couldn’t stand? Maybe they were rude, obnoxious, or just plain annoying. Whatever the reason, you’ve probably thought about ways to embarrass them or make them feel unwelcome. But should you?

A user asked, Am I wrong for embarrassing my sister’s friend and making her feel unwelcome? We want to hear from you.


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The Original Poster’s (OP) sister, cousin, and friends got together last night after work. OP’s sister brought a friend with whom OP had only met a few times. OP never had an issue with it.

Friend Arguing with Son

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At one point, OP went to the bathroom, and the ladies were in the living room, calmly enjoying wine. When OP came out, OP’s sister’s friend was arguing with my son in the kitchen. OP asked her what she was doing.

What Happened Next?

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She said OP’s son went into the kitchen to get food, and she told him to wait until OP came out of the bathroom to ask OP for permission. OP stared at her for a second, then said, “Who are hell are you? You don’t live here. He does. Who are you to tell him he can’t go in his kitchen?”

She Look Surprised

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She looked surprised and said she was trying to be helpful. OP repeated his question of why she thought it was okay to tell someone they can’t use their kitchen when she’s a guest in someone else’s house. She dodged the question and then brought up that she’s a teacher, which isn’t even relevant, and sometimes kids try to get around rules.

OP asked her what that had to do with anything. OP then asked who even permitted her to go in my kitchen.

What Did She Say?

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She said she followed my son in. OP said, “So you think my son needs permission to go in his kitchen, but you can go wherever you like in my house without an invitation? So you have more rights here than he does?”

She said she didn’t feel welcome anymore and was leaving. She returned to the living room, grabbed her bag, and walked out.

What Did OP’s Friends Say?

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OP’s sister asked what had happened, and OP explained that she disagreed with OP’s son. OP’s cousin and some of the other ladies said they thought it was strange that she followed him into the kitchen and had been wondering why, and thought her motive was weird as hell.

Is It Normal

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OP’s sister and some other ladies said her behavior was perfectly normal and I was unnecessarily hostile to her. OP’s cousin said, “but why would you confront a child you don’t know instead of saying something to the aunt who’s right here? That’s so weird.”

What Did OP’s Sister Say?

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Everyone but OP’s sister acknowledged that part was weird, and we all moved on. Later, OP’s sister confronted him privately and said she was upset OP “chased off” her friend. She said she liked this woman and that OP was way over the top in how he spoke to her. OP says he can be a little extra when defending his kid and asks if he was a jerk.

Here is what others have to say:

The Lady Overstepped

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“This lady WAY overstepped, and you corrected her like most parents would when their child is being attacked. And he was. You should sleep well knowing you did the right thing, and your son will sleep better knowing his parent 100% has his back.

Your sister can be upset that a confrontation happened between a friend and her sibling, but her friend was way out of line.”

It is Weird

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“I agree with you. Not wrong. If some stranger, which, let’s be real he doesn’t even really know this lady since he said he’s only met her a few times, FOLLOWED my child unprovoked with not even a truly sensible reason like someone else mentioned of playing with knives, I’d be incredibly weirded out. For all we know, she’s one of those gross kinds of teachers that only became a teacher to be mean to children.

There are those kind of people out there. Or worse. She could be a pervert and just lied about being a teacher. Did your son confirm exactly what this lady was telling him?”

We Don’t Understand Your Sister

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“I don’t understand why your sister was so upset. If people behave like that in the house of someone they don’t know, to some kid they don’t know, lecturing them about rules they have no idea exists, all based on “I’m a teacher”, I wonder what kind of other behavior sister excuses. This is weird at the very least.”

You Did Good

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“Furthermore, you gave a great example of how to use common logic against manipulation and gaslighting. He saw you having his back and how to not let anyone mess with your brain. You knew it was wrong, and you didn’t let her confuse you by reversing the roles. That was a precious lesson. Good job on that!”

Way Out of Line

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“Not wrong. That friend is way out of line. She was in your house trying to boss around your son. If she was so concerned, she could have asked his aunt or, idk knocked on the bathroom door and asked you? She has no right to parent your child.”

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